February 25, 2023

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)



The D-Day has finally arrived in Nigeria! The day that Nigerians in Nigeria will decide if the country will remain in the hell that the incumbent president, Mohammadu Buhari has plunged her, or get better. It’s 3am Nigerian time as I commence this commentary, and the voting to elect a new president for Nigeria will commence in just a few hours, meeeeeeen!!!

In any politically same country, I would be sure that the people would reject Buhari’s evil political party, APC, when they vote today. If you ask me, or even as you haven’t asked me, I still say that only mad people would vote for hell to continue in their country. Umm huh, hell raisers, that’s what Buhari and his APC party members are! And their 2023 presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a gazillion times more evil and more criminal than Buhari who has destroyed Nigeria. In a politically sane country, I would have been rest assured that the people would not even consider voting for Tinubu the old, sick, cocaine-addicted, walking-dead criminal with obvious memory loss. No way, meeeeeeen!!!

In a politically sane country, the candidate of PDP, the main opposition candidate, Atiku Aubakar, would certainly lose the election, too. Because Atiku is also among the old crooks who have destroyed Nigeria since 1999. It was recently in the news that Atiku was seen in a clandestine meeting with military officers. The postulation was that Atiku was/is plotting for a military coup d’etat if he loses his presidential bid at the polls today. Mr. Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) who made the allegation is one of the most irresponsible motherfucking politicians that Nigeria has ever produced. However, I think that Nigerians should not wave aside his allegation this time. It is a high possibility, and the danger is not over yet, meeeeeeeen!!!

You know, Nigerians are so quick to forget atrocities that happen in Nigeria, so, nobody seems to take FFK’s allegation seriously. First off, every Nigerian knows that members of Nigeria’s Fulani Oligarchy insist that ruling Nigeria is their Allah-given birth right. They have done everything possible to hold onto power since Nigeria’s 1960 independence from Britain. When unwholesome political maneuvering did not work sometimes, they did took the military coup d’etat option. This present Fulani president, Mohammadu Buhari, led a military coup in 1983 as an Army General for this same reason of keeping power in northern Nigeria. They are particular about keeping it in the hands of Fulani persons. Like Buhari, Atiku Abubakar is a Fulani oligarch. I have seen some signs in the past one year that Atiku is very likely to be controlled by the Fulani Oligarchy if he becomes president. And, as FFK has openly alleged, I won’t be surprised if Atiku does take the coup d’etat option if he loses at the polls today. I have blogged several times about his suspicious character in recent months, too.

But do remember that the dude used to be my political hero until I recently dumped him due to my new discoveries about him. The link to my commentary on this is at the end of this commentary. The latest ugly news about Atiku surfaced just yesterday. A man was caught with five hundred thousand dollars in cash in southern Nigeria. And he claimed that Atiku gave him the money for the purpose of buying votes. For legal correctness, I can only say that the criminal’s claim is most likely true, meeeeeeeen!!!

So, yes, I know that FFK is truly a very irresponsible man. But there may be facts in what he has said about Atiku. The possibility that he plans to sponsor a military coup d’etat if he loses his presidential bid through the ballots today is strong. To my discerning mind, he has shown that he is very possibly among the Fulani oligarchs who do not want ruling power to shift to southern Nigeria. Nigeria’s security agency, the DSS has been quizzing FFK for the past week or so, to support his allegation against Atiku with facts. As I said, he is so irresponsible that he doesn’t seem to be revealing anything that makes sense. I have watched him on TV seemingly apologizing for his allegation. Unfortunately, Nigerian systems are so shitty that the DSS is not telling us anything about their interrogation of FFK, meeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, there are three front-running presidential candidates in today’s election. I have talked about why two of them—Tinubu and Atiku—should not rule Nigeria. The country needs a leader this time. We no longer want a ruler who would complete the destruction of Nigeria from where Buhari is stopping on May 29, 2023, meeeeeeen!!!

This leaves me with the third front-running candidate in the election, Peter Gregory Obi of Labor Party. He is by far the youngest, the least tribalized, the most honest, most qualified candidate. Contrary to the heaps of crime-records and strong allegations against Tinubu and Atiku, Obi is a clean man of integrity. Initially, Atiku and his PDP party and Tinubu and his criminal APC party didn’t take Obi seriously. They had a stupid belief that he was not a factor at all. “Obi has no political structure,” they criminally said. “Obi is only popular on social media and it doesn’t count,” they ignorantly argued. And I’ll tell you why I say that they “ignorantly and criminally argued.” APC and PDP were still counting on criminal election rigging and vote-buying when they said that their “political structure” is the requirement to win elections. And they know that Obi does not have the kind of criminal “political structures” to rig the election as they do. And they are very ignorant to believe that social media popularity doesn’t count in the modern information world, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

What Tinubu and Atiku didn’t count on, was the emerging new revolution by Nigerian youths who are rooting for Peter Obi to win. The youths have woken from their political apathy slumber, following Nigeria’s 2022 electoral reform. They have woken from their past ignorance of allowing the political criminals to use them as thugs to murder Nigerians to rig elections. They have now realized that the criminals who use them to rig elections have their own children in universities in the USA, UK, and other sane countries. Buhari’s new hell called Nigeria has tortured them enough to wake up to grab their country from the criminals who have destroyed her and put them in hell on earth. With this revolution, the Peter Obi who “has no structure” is most favored to win Nigeria’s 2023 most critical presidential election to save Nigeria. You must know that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!


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