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The Benin Kingdom was "one of the oldest and most developed states in the coastal hinterland of West Africa". It grew out of the previous Edo Kingdom of Igodomigodo around the 11th century AD, and lasted until it was annexed by the British Empire in 1897.

Benin Monarchy

The Benin Monarchy is one of the oldest on African soil and is in practice up until the present day

Benin traditional dance attire

The Yoruba kingdom, a land of ancient wonders, finds its roots nestled within southwestern Nigeria. The Yoruba people have endured and prospered across the ages, leaving an indelible mark on the region’s history. According to Yoruba folklore, their ancestry can be traced back to the great ancestor Oduduwa. Oduduwa was believed to be a divine figure created by the Supreme Being. credit: <br>https://tourandculture.com/yoruba-kingdom-the-brief-history-of-yoruba-people/

Photo Credit: World History Encyclopedia
Another Jabo Anzaku art. This was inspired by his trip to Jianxchi Province in China. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
DAN AND NIGHT HUSTLE: This piece was inspired by the Africans' hustling spirit at all times, devoid of laziness. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
"SILENT COMMUNICATION", was the spontaneous response when we asked Jabo Anzaku the artist what informed this serene piece of mama and baby. "They are communicating and bonding," said Jabo added in his elaboration. Jabo is also a curator at the Art Gallery of Cyprian Ekwensi Centre For Arts And Culture in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria, in West Africa. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
RIVER BANK SETTLERS: Basically fishers, all their businesses and lives are tied to the river. They bath, cook ,wash with, drink, and poopoo in some sections of the river. That's their life. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
In this piece, Jabo Anzaku represents the beauty of northern Nigerian women, as inspired by thee legendary Queen Amina of Zaria, northern Nigeria. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
SACRIFICE FOR SUCCESS. Another piece by Jabo Anzaku, this time, inspired by his memory of himself. As other children are sleeping, this one studies for success as cock crows in the background--COURTESY CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE, ABUJA, NIGERIA
NO LIMIT TO EDUCATION. When one is not informed, one is deformed. The philosophy of an old man in Yoruba tribe of southwest Nigeria who is still acquiring education. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
DANFO: Part of the culture of a particular people in a particular part of a particular county, in a particular state called Lagos in Nigeria, in West Africa. What you see in yellow are known as "Danfo" public transportation busses. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
UNITY: This is about unity. Using the varieties of water pots of the Gbagi people of northern Nigeria to demonstrate cohesion and the power of unity in Africa. We see that the pots are all contributing to the pool of water--COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
The Kakaki plays a significant cultural role in ceremonies among the Hausa people. It's used to welcome or announce the arrival of the Sultan or Emir and in praise-singing of dignitaries at events. The Kakaki is also used at funerals and other social functions. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
A stylized sculptural piece of the popular Nigerian pottery icon, Lady Kwali from the Kwali Area council in Abuja. Recognizing her outstanding skill in pottery, she is the lady behind Nigeria's 20-naira currency note. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE
A REMINDER OF COLONIAL SUBJUGATION The black subjects disgusted their condescending white colonialists. With the stick poking at the black, the colonialist depicted in this image was making sure that his black subjects did not come too close. And the subjects were not to be touched with hands. —COURTESY OF CYPRIAN EKWENSI CENTRE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE