First published 2017

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)

Let’s talk about the Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives and the current “Budget Padding” saga, shall we. And my interest is the ‘business-as-usual’ horse-trading that has emerged in the ruling party, the APC. Typical of Nigerian bullshitting politics, the APC is currently in the process of hijacking the case from the legitimate law enforcement agencies to sweep everything under the carpet, as is usual in Nigeria. The party has ‘commanded’ our lawmakers, as usual, to stop discussing the alleged criminal padding in any public domain. Why? Well, political bullshit, that’s why! One of the ugliest phrases and slogans in Nigeria’s political sphere is raising its ugly head again! APC wants our lawmakers to “stop washing APC’s dirty linens in public.” APC Chieftains have ordered Honorable Jibrin (the so-called whistleblower) to stop making public statements about the case. They want to make it “an in-house affair; a family affair” where criminal cases disappear to oblivion—as usual!!!

I am bothered because I thought that the “IN-HOUSE FAMILY AFFAIR” approach to criminal matters left our system with the exit of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fromgovernment. According to Nigeria’s Constitution, any formally instituted allegation of crime against our lawmakers by anybody, should be a PUBLIC AFFAIR, and should be investigated and prosecuted (where necessary) by the constituted justice system. Anything different smacks of INDISCIPLINE amongst the APC party leaders! Now, if anybody has a different summation of the relevant passage in our constitution, please let’s hear it; this forum is also a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas. But, if my summation is correct; then this is certainly another socio-political anomaly that this movement will help to stop in our society as the campaign unfolds. Such party indiscipline contributes immensely to the “die-hard” nature of criminal tendencies of our leaders. No crime is a big deal to them; they know the usual game to play—just pass around some money to some chieftains of the party, and the case dies in “family-affair” meetings.

By the way, “Media Against Indiscipline”, the parent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of No Bullshitting Blog, does have immediate plan to appoint a Legal Adviser for this group; it is necessary, of course. Trying to explain all the reasons why we need a legal adviser is like talking down on the group—everybody knows why a legal adviser is imperative. For one thing, I would like a legal practitioner to start giving us the positions of the law in all the topics that we discuss on this platform. Oh, by the way, in case you have not heard—our dear Speaker, the so-called “Honorable”, Yakubu Dogara and other so-called lawmakers have told the world on TV that padding of budget is not a crime. And that’s the crop of characters that Nigeria picks to lead the country!!!

We are looking for a capable in-house Legal Adviser for regular legal treatises on trending topics. And please, it is open for any member to suggest professionals that have the capacity and the passion, if you will. Meanwhile, anybody please research and give us a constitutional treatise to address the following chain of questions—is there any provision in Nigerian Constitution to back up the “in-house-family affair” approach to criminal matters, if not, why is it still going on; does any party have the right to quash criminal investigation; does anyone have the right to tell our lawmakers not to discuss a serious allegation of crime against anybody in public domain; does anybody have the right to stop the law agencies from investigating a criminal allegation against our lawmakers, or anybody for that matter; can it be seen as aiding criminality?????? You know the drill—the whole nine-yard…No Bullshitting!

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