First published March 22, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)





Greetings in the highest!

Today’s commentary is in furtherance of a very important campaign theme, thus: Nigerians must not allow bad leaders into elective political offices from the year 2023 onwards. I have a title and three subtitles. The third subtitle is my thematic question, thus: “Is there something that Nigeria’s ruling APC political party knows about 2023 elections, which Nigerians are not aware of?”

I have two reasons for this question. First, Nigerians have finally forced the lootmakers at our National Assembly to reform our electoral system. This means that Nigeria’s traditional murderous election rigging has been drastically curtailed. In turn, this means that APC can no longer rig itself into power in 2023 as it did in 2019. Second, everything in Nigeria has completely collapsed under the current APC rule. The last phase of collapse set in only a couple of weeks back, and this is the last phase of APC’s current government. So, why the hell are APC leaders and spokespersons so doggone confident that the party will win the presidency in 2023, meeeeeeeen!!!

This is the year that APC is supposed to give it’s best to Nigerians as the incumbent party, in order to convince us to vote for it in 2023. If you are an NBB regular, then you may recall my previous commentary on effective democratic application of “The Power of Incumbency” in government. I compared the positive application in sane democracies with Nigeria’s criminal version, the “Power of Election Rigging.” The gist was that incumbent ruling parties in sane societies execute some of their best projects and policies in pre-election years. The idea is to please voters, in order to vote for the party. On the contrary, Nigeria’s rulers do not give a damn about pleasing Nigerians in order to win elections, because they have the power of election rigging. Well, actually, I should say that they used to have the power of rigging. Not anymore; we now have electoral reform that curtails rigging. If you missed my previous treatise, not to worry. I’ve got it for ya, and here’s the link:

The above emphasized phrase that Nigerian criminals “used to have the power of rigging” is the crux of my commentary today. No wonder, I started by asking if there is something that APC knows, which Nigerians are not aware of. Umm huh, it baffles the hell out of me that everything in Nigeria has crashed under APC’s watch, and yet, its leaders have the audacity to tell us that they will remain in power after the 2023 elections. So, I ask, how the hell do they intend to achieve that feat with the hatred that Nigerians now have for them and their evil leadership. Whose votes do they plan to use? Or, do they have a plan that nobody can guess, meeeeeeen?!!!

Has APC designed other means to defy our reformed Electoral Act and still rig itself to victory in elections?  If not, then I repeat; whose votes are the such leaders counting on to achieve their feat of remaining in power in 2023, huh, huh, huh???

Just check Nigeria’s current situation out, will you! There is currently no electricity in the entire country. The grid has crashed! The alternatives to electric power, diesel, fuel, and kerosene, which are needed to power electric generators are non-existent either. Airlines are at the brink of shutting down because there is no aviation fuel. Just like diesel, fuel and kerosene, when you do find the aviation fuel, you pay close to 1000 percent of the normal cost. How many companies can survive such atrocious hike in prices, huh? And, this is a country with the fourth, or is it third largest deposit of crude oil in the world, meeeeeeeeee!!!

Foods are getting completely out of the reach of Nigerians due to several factors in Buhari’s government. Those factors include the power and fuel problems, which affect production, and also the transportation of the foods from the farms to the market. Let me take this home to my readers who are not Nigerian. If you purchase any food item in the market this minute in Nigeria, the price of that same item increases by 20 percent or more, if you go back to that same shop just 10 minutes later. It is a fact that, and the same goes for every other commodity in the country today, meeeeeeen!!!

Some crooks are blowing our national wealth like their personal wealth. And, they will never feel the pinch of the hell that they have created. No way; they have too much of our money in their private bank accounts. When the sums get suspicious for banks, they have warehouses and latrine pits, and wherever the hell they stash dirty money! But, you know, I am more pissed off about their hypocritical lies to the world, than I am about their satanic rulership and stealing. It is pure evil when they go telling the world that “Buhari’s government has been the best in Nigeria.” I feel very insulted, because their statement means that they see Nigerians as idiots. I mean, who else but idiots would even listen to their criminal crap. Everybody in the world knows how terrible things have gone under Buhari. And, in the face of this, some crooks in the ruling APC party are telling us that all is well, and in the most stupid ways, too!

So, returning to the matter of “Power of Incumbency,” I tell ya, I have never seen or heard of a worse case of its bastardization and misuse in the democratic world. You know, it would make a little more sense to me if they were admitting their errors, apologizing to Nigerians, and coming up with plans to turn things around. Instead, we have traitors  such as Femi Adesina, Liar Mohammed, and Garba Shehu telling us that Buhari and his government are the best things that ever happened to Nigeria since Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad happened to the world. Obviously, the worst person who you expect to solve a problem, is one who does not even recognize that the problem does exist, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Again, I ask; what the hell are those crooks at APC counting on to stay in power, despite our new Electoral law? Whose votes are they gonno use? Do they have another rigging strategy that will defy our new law?  Honestly, if they have no strategy to defy the new law in rigging, and they have this misguided belief that they will win in 2023, then they must be stupid, meeeeeeen!!!

Mind you, APC is unable to run the party itself. Organizationally speaking, the party is in shambles, with protracted in-house fighting. And they talk about continuing to run Nigeria, the country that they have completely destroyed. Presently, they don’t even have any interest in running the government that they already have. They watch every sector of the economy crumbling to the ground, as they are only interested in strategizing on how to grab power again in 2023.

I swear, if Nigerians allow APC to either rig or righteously win the presidency in 2023, I may have to seriously consider giving up my Nigerian identity, out of shame. I don’t think that I would want to continue as a citizen of a country with such disgraceful apathy. So far, we have lived up to the ugly names that Donald Trump called us in 2017 or thereabout. I paraphrase Trump’s comment to say that even baboons know when and how to take no more bullshit from criminal leaders. Nigerians have continued to fail in this task. So, Trump believes that we must be worse than baboons in apathy, and in intelligence. Some of us called Trump all manner of names, including “racist,” for telling us the truth without bullshitting. I thanked him for his no-bullshitting truth that Nigerians have not been doing enough to wrestle our sovereignty from evil leaders. He did us good, by trying to ginger us to snap out of our apathetic attitude towards our governance. And I say, forget the racism matter for now! I’m interested in the message, and not the messenger, meeeeeeen!!!

All that, just to continue on my campaign that Nigerians must no longer allow bad leaders in power, starting in 2023. Share this message and others like it, if you agree that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeen!!!

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