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This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I am Harry Agina, and this is No Bullshitting, the radical Socio-Political Critic of Africa. “Talk-Na-Do” is a local Nigerian parlance. It was invented by a Pentecostal pastor, I believe, and it means when you talk about something, you do it, and not just continue to talk without action. And, “TALK-NA-TALK” is my own opposite derivative of that parlance, which stands for stupid endless talk, and talk, and talk without action. This is what too many Nigerian self-serving leaders are all about. They spend endless years to speak long grammar about the problems of Nigeria, rather than implement identified solutions. All sane persons, including little children, know the simple solutions to those problems, and the solutions can easily be effected within days or weeks, or just few months in worst cases, but Nigerian leaders prefer to continue to talk and talk and talk for decades, speaking long grammar, which Hausa language calls “Dogo turenchi.” And, what pisses me off is that most of those motherfuckers who speak so much long English can’t even speak correct grammar. They only love to hear themselves speak and pretend to be intelligent. So, I say that such motherfuckers are all full of shit, meeeeeeeeen!!!

 My grouse today with Nigerian leaders is that they know the solutions to the terrifying and escalating insecurity in Nigeria, but they refuse to implement them. I speak of correcting the corrupted system of federal government, and the related centralization of the country’s systems. The original design of the Federal Republic of Nigeria gave power to the units or regions that make up Nigeria to manage their own affairs independently, and then contribute resources to the federal or central government whose power was limited to stipulated federal functions. This true federal system has been bastardized so badly, with too much power now ceded to federal government to control everything that should be controlled by the federating units or regions. The excessive powers to the federal government is the reason for all the Nigerian problems, be it insecurity, or the starvation that pervades the country now due to terrible economy. And, rather than decentralizing the fucking system for efficiency, which some call restructuring, our leaders have been playing evil politics of power control since 1999, and watching the country to degenerate gradually. And, lately, under President Mohammadu Buhari, the country has actually become a failed war-zone state, much of which is caused by agitations for true federalism.

The closest that Nigeria has gotten to addressing this problem was in 2014 with a National Conference On Restructuring, or whatever the hell they called it under the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan. Unfortunately, it turned out to be another usual Nigerian resource-wasting jamboree that amounted to nothing. The resolutions of the conference, otherwise named “White Paper,” ended up in wastepaper basket. Even idiots in Nigeria know that implementation of those resolutions would make Nigeria a better nation with equity, fairness and justice for all Nigerians, but the people who are not interested in fairness and justice have succeeded in killing the “White Paper.” Southern Nigerians are more interested in the resolutions because the present bastardized federal system favors the north, so, it goes without saying, that the “White Paper” was killed by northern Nigerians.

But, before we start pointing accusing fingers at the northerners who killed the 2014 restructuring “White Paper” to protect their own interests, we must first point the fingers at the WEAKNESS of President Goodluck Jonathan, who actually brought bad luck to his own people in many ways during his presidency. The man is a southerner, for crying fucking loud, but he was too weak to implement the “White Paper” that he initiated, which would have corrected the injustice that has been meted out to his own region for too long. Yeah, I know, his apologists claim that he did not have enough time to implement the “White Paper” before he was booted out of office, which was caused by the same leadership weakness that I complain about him. But I insist that, before he was booted out, he had enough time to promptly INITIATE the implementation and move it to the point of no-return where nobody could kill it. I also blame another southerner, Olusegun Obasanjo, but not as much as I blame Jonathan, because the clamor for restructure was not so prominent during Obasanjo’s presidency. Presently, President Mohammadu Buhari who during his presidential campaign promised to toe the line of equity and fairness to all Nigerians, now tells us that he does not even understand what restructuring means anymore, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The foregoing was on general matter of decentralization of power for efficiency in all spheres of the Nigerian society, but the terrible effects of excessive centralization on security is actually my focus today. The more I listen to all the stupid “dogo turenchi” conversations about the fucked-up centralized police system, the more pissed off I get with our so-called leaders, past and present, for refusing to do the right thing to reform the police system all these years. They know that policing by the federating units is more effective than the present federal policing system, yet, they prefer to speak endless grammar talking about it, rather than implementing the SIMPLE SOLUTION of decentralizing the nation’s police system for effective policing, meeeeeen!!!

For effective policing, progressive democratic countries all over the world have federal, regional, state, county (Local Government), and city/town police systems, all AUTONOMOUS and INDEPENDENT of one another. Indeed, institutions such as universities have their own independent police systems in the civilized world, but not in the crazy Nigeria where it is discussed every fucking day but never implemented. The same evil corruption that has destroyed everything in Nigeria is the reason for the mad choice of our leaders’ “TALK-NA-TALK” over “TALK-NA-DO” in this matter. The only interests of Nigerian leaders in everything that they do are to steal money and to control absolute power. Successive presidents have refused to reform and decentralize the police system in order to keep the control of the entire police for their evil purposes. Through the command of one federal Inspector General of Police (IGP), the presidents commit all manner of illegalities across the country with the police. The most common is the use of police to rig elections across the country. For their self-serving purposes, the presidents were/are willing to sacrifice millions of lives of Nigerians in the resultant acute insecurity. Meanwhile, senseless talk-na-talk meetings and conferences on insecurity are happening regularly, where they squander money to no avail.

The present president, Mohammad Buhari, introduced a new grievous peculiar misuse of the Police Force to suppress Nigerians in his misrule and his agenda to Fulanize Nigeria. It’s a known fact, for instance, that whenever the police arrest the Fulanization jihadist army of so-call herdsmen who commit atrocities across the country, the next thing that we hear is that “an order from above” commands the release of the Fulani criminals, an act that good Fulanis themselves hate as much as other Nigerians do, because it gives the Fulani race a bad name. And, the order must be obeyed because Buhari is in command of all the nation’s police through the IGP. He would not be able to do this if Nigeria had a decentralized police system. Further, no wonder, Buhari would never consider appointing a non-Hausa/Fulani as the IGP, to ensure that there is no hesitation to obey such unconstitutional, illegal orders, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The more that Nigerian leaders conduct their fucked-up conferences or meetings to talk and talk and talk about the rising insecurity problem, the more opportunities they create to appropriate funds to the problem, and the more funds that they have to steal. Mind you, the budget for the gazillion conferences are bloated. Nigeria is the only country that I know in the world where it is virtually an official government policy to bloat the cost of doing anything, hundreds times over and above the actual cost.

So, anyway, my grouse with Nigerian leaders today is that it should not take forever to talk about reforming and decentralizing Nigeria police system to halt the current unprecedented atrocious insecurity in the country. I am not, and I don’t have to be a security expert to show them how to do it within just six months or less, if they are too dumb to know how. A common metaphor or analogy would say that “it is not rocket science,” and I say that even rocket science is no longer difficult these days because the foundation has already been established. I trust, that you trust, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!


I bring you today’s reggae Infotainment from Nigeria’s neighbor in West Africa, the Republic of Ghana. In this song that is titled “Mr. Government,” which was published in 2019, Ghana’s musician, Ras Kuuku, speaks on the common bad leadership problem of the countries of the entire African continent where leaders are too fucking self-serving, too evil, and too incompetent to serve their peoples right, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Naturally, Kuuku’s specific interest is his own country, Ghana, and he talks about all the gold, diamond, timber, and other resources in Ghana that are being mismanaged, while important functions of government such as providing good education and welfare for the people are ignored. But, if you ask me, Ras Kuuku is actually talking about Nigeria, and not Ghana, because, compared to Nigerian leaders, Ghana’s leaders are angels, and, Ghana is actually heaven today when compared to Nigeria. Ghana’s revenues through gold, diamond, and timber that Kuuku talks about are “chicken-change” when compared to Nigeria’s crude oil. And, in addition, Nigeria has the timber, gold, diamond, and all the other minerals that Ras Kuuku talks about Ghana. Recently, it’s said that President Nana Akufo-Ado of Ghana told Nigerians in Ghana to leave his country and go back to fix their own country, and I don’t blame him, meeeeeeeen!!!

And now, here comes Ras Kuuku’s “Mr. Government”:



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