April 4, 2022

No Bullshiting!!! (By Harry Agina)


This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Thia is No Bullshitting, the radical Socio-Political Critic of Africa. On April 13, 2021, I commented on a terrible, retrogressive, self-serving procrastination tradition among the rulers of Nigeria. I call it “Talk-Na-Talk” Syndrome. It is a Nigerian lingo for the sickness of talking, and talking, and talking about the country’s problems, without actions for solutions. The lingo for the opposite of this is, “Talk-Na-Do.” It means talking and doing, or talking with matching actions, or, matching one’s words with actions. In the said 2021 commentary, I spoke on the fact that Nigeria was burning, and Nigerian political rulers were not interested in pragmatic solutions. They were busy blowing big grammar without the political will to effect known solutions. What further pisses me off is that many of them can’t even speak the fucking grammar well enough, meeeeeeeeen!!!

They continued to talk, and talk, and talk, while terrorists, and bandits, and foreign Fulani jihadists in the guise of Nigerian herdsmen were destroying Nigeria. The foreign jihadists were also destroying the good name of law-abiding Nigerian Fulani herdsmen, and the image of the entire Fulani race. Yet our president who is a Fulani man apparently didn’t give a damn! All the action that we got from the rulers in his government was talk-na-talk, and talk, and talk!  Here is the link to the 2021 blog, in case you did not read it yet and you wanno do so before today’s commentary:


My commentary today is a sequel to the 2021 blog, in all ramifications. Nigeria is still burning today in 2022. It is much worse now than when I had my “Talk-Na-Talk” commentary in 2021. And, the motherfucking Nigerian politicians are still in their talk-na-talk, and talk, and talk mode. Still no pragmatic action to address the situation. The ruling APC government has come up with a regular stupid cliché in response to every atrocity. “We’re on top of the situation,” the APC propagandists always sing to us…every fucking day! And, I’m like, shut the fuck up, motherfuckers! Which situation are you on top of, huh? The fucking situation is on top of you! In fact, it has actually weighted your fucking asses down, right into the ground!! And you’re talking shit about being on top of the situation. Pissing the hell out of me…like hell, meeeeeeen!!!

In the past few days alone, terrorists attacked an airport in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, and a train in transit from the same Kaduna to Abuja. They hit the airport on March 25, 2022. And on March 29, 2022, they bombed the train off its rail track. The rulers are not even sure how many passengers were on board. As usual with the fucked-up rulers, there conflict accounts emerging every fucking day! I have decided to give you the one that put the number of passengers at 970 passengers on board. The terrorists killed several passengers, and kidnapped several others for ransom.

As I write this now (April 4, 2022), news of terrorists activities are still breaking…it happens every fucking day! Meanwhile, the nation’s terrible economy is rapidly getting worse by the minute, and people are starving. Also, all public schools have been shut down for nearly two months, and counting. Why? Workers are on strike action, because Buhari’s federal government refuses to honor several past agreements to fund education adequately, meeeeeeen!!!

And yet, the rulers in government are telling us that they are on top of the situation. Where the fuck did they learn that stupid cliché that they have been singing, meeeeeeen?!!!


In the midst of all the hellish terrorist activities and economic woe, Nigerians have to constantly listen to the madness of one terribly annoying propagandist. His name is Lai Mohammed. But Nigerians have changed his vernacular first name from Lai, to the English word Lie (exact same pronunciation). This is so appropriate because the motherfucker can lie his own ass off. He is Buhari’s Information Minister. He is consistently and constantly in his sinful propaganda of outright lies to make his government to look good. As I have said several times, the man is too dumb to lie intelligently, meeeeeeeen!!!

He continues to tell the world that President Buhari’s government is the greatest ever. In his madness, he tells us that Nigeria is better in every way today, than she has ever been since independence. It’s amazing to listen to that motherfucker and his regular sinful lies. Besides the lies, Buhari’s government’s solution to the ongoing hell is to order journalists to hide the truth. The Ministry of Communications announced this just a week or so ago. “The government will clamp down on media houses and journalists who are heating up the polity with their reportage,” said the announcement. This means that the media must stop reporting the daily terrorist atrocities. What a military press-gagging and information censorship in a fucking demo-crazy, meeeeeeen!!!

Then, in another breath, the unintelligent propagandist called “Liar” Mohammed, tells us that all is well in the country. The motherfucker actually talks as if the world is too stupid to recognize that hell has broken loose in Nigeria. I keep asking; why can’t this man at least lie a little intelligently, meeeeeeen?!!!

Massacres and kidnappings of scores of Nigerians happened every fucking day prior to the day that Mohammed vomited his most recent lie that all is well in Nigeria. Then, on that same day of his vomit, massacres and kidnappings did happen. And, just a couple of days after his vomit, came the two terrorist incidents of airport and train attacks. You know, I always have to wonder if Liar Mohammed is truly sane as he vomits his numerous obvious propaganda lies to the world, meeeeeeen?!!!

Meanwhile, President Buhari and his fucked-up ruling political party has almost abandoned governance. The hellish situation of the country is quite apparently no longer their concern. Their only focus now is how to manipulate to “win” the coming 2023 elections to stay in power. They don’t seem interested in fighting the ravaging terrorists or the terrible economy any longer.

The terrorists come out daily from their dens in the forests, strike, and safely retreat. The government knows exactly where those forests are, and they know the dens of the terrorists. Journalists and socio-political mediators often got to the dens and talked with them. Yet, our armed forces are not taking the war to them, definitely not nearly as efficiently and effectively as it should happen, meeeeeeeen!!!

Some critics maintain that the government is actually complicit in the terrorism. They insist that some of the rulers in government are sabotaging Buhari, and covertly supporting the terrorists. Before you disagree with this, listen to the trending revelations to that effect. The governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, stated that there had been intelligence report that the Kaduna train was going to be attacked. The relevant authorities did nothing to forestall it.

Also, the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amechi, made his own revelation immediately after the train attack. He declared in a press conference that he specifically requested from the powers that be to approve his plan for technological surveillance of his railroad system. His request was turned down. He insists that the attack would have been prevented if he got what he had requested. It would cost just two billion naira (just about $3.6 million US dollars).

Other critics put the blame squarely on President Buhari’s desk, and correctly so! Whichever way we slice it, the buck does stop on his desk. He has no grip on his cabinet because he is such a weak non-challant and insensitive ruler. However, I cannot swear on the veracity of a particular accusation in this school of thought. It is alleged that Buhari has an agenda to protect the terrorists? Sure, majority of Nigerians insist that Buhari has no political will to fight the war, due to his ethno-religious tie to the terrorists. But, is it true that he actually does support and protect them?

I can tell you the fact that a popular group of Buhari’s own northern Hausa-Fulani kindred, “The Arewa Youths Organization” actually declared yesterday (April 3), that it holds Buhari responsible for the Kaduna train attack. The group barely stopped short of accusing him of complicity in the attack. I have a reason for stating this fact. In the past, it was southern Nigerians who were condemning President Buhari’s terrible rulership. His northern Hausa-Fulani kin had with him the hypocritical ethno-religious “solidarity” bullshit that I always condemn about Nigerians. In fact, Buhari’s northern kin used to abuse southerners in defense of their “brother.”  Those his kin are now much more critical of his rulership than the southerners. Solidarity hypocrisy time is over now, as the effects of Buhari’s misrule progressively bite harder on their northern region than the south.

Some other critics disagree with the critics who accuse Buhari of complicity in the terrorism. They insist that Buhari is simply incapable to lead Nigeria, and he has been overwhelmed by the terrorists. Honestly, quite recently, Mr. President did pronounce that “anybody seen with illegal guns (AK47) should be summarily executed.” I am impressed by this pronouncement, and I will tell you why, pronto! I had always believed that Buhari had never wanted his AK47-toting Fulani herdsmen killed, or even arrested. Yet, all Nigerians are aware that some Fulani jihadists who disguise as herdsmen constitute substantial part of the terrorism going on in Nigeria. I still do believe that Buhari actually didn’t want the Fulani jihadists arrested and prosecuted, how much more being killed. I have blogged this observation more than once before. But, he has apparently changed his mind now as Nigerians increasingly accuse him of complicity in the jihad to “Fulanize” Nigeria.

Anyway, all that, to say that it is actually very difficult for critics to figure out where President Buhari stands on the terrorism matter. His taciturn nature, some statements that come out of his mouth when he does speak, and his body language are not helping matters. All I know, for sure, is the shameful and disheartening fact that a retired Army General ain’t capable to keep Nigeria safe from terrorism! Nigerians blame this on “lack of political will.” It is difficult sometimes to extrapolate what the fuck this means, exactly, from various individuals, meeeeeeeen!!!

Well, I have my own personal argument on “lack of political will.” It is from my own peculiar no-bullshiting perspective. It is about what I rank among the most pragmatic actions for solution. And, it is not only for the full blown terrorism, but also for all the insecurity problems around the nation. I speak of Buhari’s “lack of political will” to decentralize policing, for efficient and effective crime-fighting. I see two steps in one move to achieve this, if only he had the touted “political will.” This is topic for my next in this miniseries of “Talk-Na-Talk” versus “Talk-Na-Do” in Nigeria. It is coming your way within the next couple of days. Meanwhile, do continue to believe that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeen!!!



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