July 28, 2022

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No Bullshitting!!! By Harry Agina)





Greetings’ folk!

This Harry Agina with my journalistic alter-ego, Mr. No Bullshitting, the radical Socio-Political Critic of Africa, “Court grants Rochas Okorocha Permission To Travel Abroad For Medical Treatment.” That’s a news caption on July 9, 2022. I was very pissed off to hear this, like hell, too! But uncharacteristically, I didn’t do shit about it then. Now, my anger is boiling again, over that sabotaging permission to Okorocha by a judge. It has been rekindled by the current developments concerning ASUU strike in Nigeria’s education system. Yap, rekindled by the ongoing destruction of our children’s future, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Yes indeed, I am pissed that, like our hospitals, the crooks in power in Nigeria have killed education in the country, too. President Buhari and his gang are presently killing our education just as they have killed all the hospitals. This is the same Buhari who vehemently condemned medical tourism when he was not president. Now, he is president, and, like our education system, he has completely destroyed whatever that was left of our hospitals, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, sinfully, the hypocritical Buhari is jetting out of Nigeria every so often, on the same fucking medical tourism that he had hypocritically vehemently condemned. Mind you, I wouldn’t be emphasizing the matter of integrity, if only Buhari did not condemn medical tourism before he became president. He now has our money to cure the medical condition that might have consumed him long ago if he wasn’t so privileged. And, all of a sudden, medial tourism is no long a sin as he had described it when he was not president. The ailing old man has since been rejuvenated virtually into a teenager in London hospitals. He does this with our collective wealth, while the rest of us are dying for lack of medical care in the country that he has destroyed. Despite his campaign promises to develop our own medical sector for every citizen, he has completely killed the health system as he has killed our education system. This has got to be among the worst sins that are committed by man in the eye of God, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Truly, if Buhari had any iota of integrity left in him, he would have been too ashamed to go to London for medical treatment. Having lambasted the presidents before him on medical tourism, he would have done better, if only he had any integrity. He would have pumped all the funds that he has blown in London hospitals to develop our own hospitals for everyone. Or, at least, as he started treatment in London due to the poor system that he inherited, he would commence our own repairs. With any seriousness, a good hospital or two could be raised just within his first six months of London treatment. Subsequently, those hospitals would not only take over his own treatment, but also many other Nigerians. The Lord knows that we certainly have better Nigerian doctors than the ones that treat Buhari in London. Indeed, for all I know, his major doctors in those London hospitals are probably Nigerians. But they, the terrible Nigerian rulers have destroyed our system, and our great doctors are migrating abroad, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

So now, you know why I believe that Okorocha and other crooks like him who have ruled and destroyed Nigeria, should not be granted such permission. Nigeria is a rot today because of their devilish insatiable greed of stealing her dry. Nigerians have no hospitals, no schools, no roads, no electricity, no healthy drinking water—absolutely nothing for a good life, meeeeeeen!!!

Crooks such as Okorocha have our collective wealth in their private banks and their underground vaults. So, they send their children abroad to school as they destroy our schools. They fly abroad to take care of their health because they have destroyed our health system. Many of them virtually rule us from outside Nigeria. They don’t like to stay long in the rot that they have created. They refuse to build or repair our roads, so the roads are not motorable. And they fly around from one town to another when they are in Nigeria. They import everything that they need to live in Nigeria when they are in Nigeria. I truly mean everything, all the way down to their ordinary toothpicks and drinking bottled water. This is for the reason that their evil rulership and looting of our treasury has made it impossible to produce anything of quality in Nigeria.

They have our common wealth in their pockets to keep their power-generating sets running 24/7. So, they have non-stop electricity supply in their heavenly estates, while the rest of us are in total darkness all year-round. And so on, and on, and on, the list goes! In all, Nigerians continue to suffer and die in the hell that criminals in power have immersed us. Meanwhile, the criminals live in the heaven that they create for themselves inside our hell, and with our stolen funds, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!

This is the situation with hospitals and health care in Nigeria! Thousands of Nigerians die every fucking day because the crooks in power have destroyed all the hospitals. Meanwhile, the crooks that destroyed the health system are getting the best medication in the world. They jet out as soon as they have any little health issue, even when they have ordinary headaches. Can you now understand my anger over Okorocha’s “permission” to travel abroad for medical treatment? He should be sentenced to die in the rotten hospitals that he and his fellow evil crooks all over the country have destroyed, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Thousands of Nigerians are dying every fucken day in those rotten hospitals that have no medical equipment. And I insist that it is both a sin and a crime to allow the looters who put the hospitals in the rotten state to jet out for treatment abroad. Once upon a blog in 2016, this was the gist of my more comprehensive argument. That was my first edition of, “Nigeria’s Ex-Governors Playing Dead To Evade Justice.” It was during the court trial of ex-Governor James Iboro of Delta State in southern Nigeria. Some crooks called judges in Nigeria would not convict Ibori in Nigerian court. It took UK justice system to do it for us in a London court, for money laundering. Ibori has since served out his jail term in the UK. I have the link to my 2016 piece at the end of this piece for ya.

Now, like many before him, Rochas Okorocha is playing that same game of faking to be sick, in order to jet out to the USA or UK. We all know their evil game, but they believe that they are fooling us. My anger is with the idiotic judge who granted Okorocha the permission to play that game with us. And I don’t give a fuck what his doggone excuse may be. Okorocha is being prosecuted for his devilish stealing from his state when he was governor, from 2011 to 2019. The judge has no fucking business granting him any fucking permission to travel. Note that I am bold to talk as though Okorocha has been convicted already.

Yes, he has been convicted, I insist! Otherwise, somebody please tell me why the fuck some judges already ordered some of his loots forfeited to the state, huh? Corruption and evil horse-trading, that’s why! That’s about a year, or so ago. So, I always campaign that, “We The People” of Nigeria, owners of the sovereignty, must declare such crooks to be criminals, on our own. It doesn’t matter if the fucked-up court system convicts them or not! We have enough evidence to convict the motherfuckers in our public court, I always say! We must also declare that all the judges who free the crooks from justice are also criminals. They sabotage the Nigerian project, period! Let them all sue us to their evil compromised court. Now, that’s part of what I call peaceful revolution, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

It truly pisses me off so much, that crooks such as Okorocha can easily buy their fellow Nigerian criminals who call themselves judges. The crooked judges grant their fellow crooks in government all manner of pampering and special treatment that run contrary to the law. For this reason, Okorocha who has gazillion indictments, has evaded justice since 2019 after he left office as governor. He lost his bid to become a senator in that same 2019. But he held a gun at the head of an INEC official to declare him the winner. Like too many of his fellow crooks who populate our national parliament, Okorocha has since been our senator. This is a man who should be languishing in jail where he belongs forever. This is a country of millions of decent, intelligent, and competent people. Yet, we are not ashamed to dis-hallowed the so-called “Hallowed Chambers” of our national parliament with crooks! Alas, it is substantially populated by a bunch of incompetent criminals, such as Okorocha, meeeeeeen!!!

Once again, the motherfucking judge who granted Rochas Okorocha the permission to travel abroad for medical treatment is a saboteur. He should have told Okorocha to go to his state and receive the treatment in the rotten hospitals that he left there after eight years as governor. Okorocha should have built some functional hospitals! Instead, he stole all the money, and that’s what he’s finally being prosecuted for. And now, he has paid one motherfucking judge to allow him to jet out for treatment. I call it sabotage of the nation’s medical system, and I am pissed about it, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Someone, please sue me to court for saying that Rochas Okorocha should have been left in Nigeria to die in one of his hospitals, if indeed he is truly unhealthy. Yes, it is an ‘if,’ because all Nigerian crooks play that same game of suddenly falling sick as soon as they are arraigned for their criminal activities. You will see my expatiation on this in my 2016 blog, when you follow the link, shortly.

Yes indeed, I am totally pissed off with Nigeria’s so-called justice system, which is fucked-up with injustice! If politicians on trial are forced to die in the terrible hospitals that they have left us, they would be forced to build hospitals for everyone. We can’t continue to allow them to continue to kill us, while they live like ancient Roman Emperors over us. Folks, please pardon me for being presumptuous to say that, I do know for a fact this one time, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!


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