October 8, 2022



This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina. My words this time are limited. I’m only linking you to an “FBI”-type revelation by a dude, Peter Okoye. He is commonly known as “Mr. P” in Nigeria. Mr. P says that the youths of the present generation of Nigeria are now becoming investigative like America’s FBI, in dealing with the evil rulers of Nigeria. But I think that they should also be called the CIA, too. Umm huh! With what Mr. P has just discovered and revealed, he deserves both titles. He has the capabilities of both the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America, meeeeeeen!!!

I will link you to his discovery of a satanic plot of Nigeria’s ruling political party, the APC. You may recall that the party’s presidential candidate for Nigeria’s 2023 elections, Bola Tinubu, said that he will continue Buhari’s legacy. Buhari’s legacy includes evil clannishness, ethno-religious bigotry, and the worst failure in leadership in global history. The entire world is aware of this; so, it’s not news. The present news is that Tinubu’s presidential running mate, Kashim Shetima, has just revealed one of their evil plots to continue Buhari’s evil legacy. They plan to continue from where Buhari will stop in his evil victimization of the Igbo people of southeast Nigeria, meeeeeeen!!!

The good news is that Tinubu and Shetima will not win the 2023 presidential election. Nigerians know that Tinubu is a very old, very sick, and dying drug Barron, who has stolen Lagos State blind since 1999. I don’t have to say any more about the exposed evil plot. You will hear it from the horse’s mouth, Shetima. But before I link you to Shetima’s vomit, I do want to caution Nigerians against stereotyping. Yes, Tinubu is a satanic ethno-religious bigot of the Yoruba tribe extraction. And yes, Shetima is a satanic ethno-religious Hausa-Fulani bigot. But that does not make all the Yoruba people evil. And it doesn’t make all Hausa-Fulani people evil either. Like every tribe, majority of the Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani races are great people. You have probably heard the “Afenifere” socio-political group of the Yoruba tribe openly rejecting their Yoruba candidate, Tinubu. The group has repeatedly rejected the Tinubu/Shetima presidential ticket. Furthermore. the group has declared its support to the presidency of Governor Peter Obi. Obi is from the same Igbo tribe that the evil Tinubu and Shetima plan to victimize if they become president and vice president in 2023.

And, you know, those criminal motherfucking incarnate of the devil are so dumb that they can’t even see the raging youths’ revolution, which is about to make an Igbo man, Peter Obi, the president in 2023. They still believe that they can continue Tinubu’s traditional specialty of murdering a bunch of Nigerians to rig elections.  If they try it this time, they’ll have the wrath of the youths of Nigeria to contend with, across the nation, and across all ethno-religious divides, meeeeeeeeen!!!

So, yes, it’s just those two persons, and a few others like them in the Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani tribes who are evil. They are the types who have supported Buhari to destroy Nigeria with their evil inter-tribal and inter-religious dispositions. In the sworn non-stereotyping character of ‘Mr. No Bullshitting,’ I needed to say all that. I do hate it when few of my Igbo people get into condemning all Yorubas and all Hausa-Fulani peoples for the sins of idiotic devil-incarnate such as Tinubu and Shetima.

My sign-off questions are: (1) What is it that the Igbo tribe has done to the devil-incarnate of Nigeria to hate the Igbo people so much? (2) How the fuck can a person hate a tribe so much, just for being industrious, huh, huh, huh??? And, unbelievably, such evil people are always quick to tell you that they are good Muslims or good Christians, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

I will now shut the fuck up and give you the vomit from Shetima. But, you know, experience has taught me that technical errors often occur with links. You click them sometimes and they don’t link you to anything because something has gone wrong. So, before I give you the link to Mr. P’s site for his revelation of Shetima’s vomit, I want to summarize the content for you. The evil Shetima says that Tinubu and he already finalized their plan to frustrate and chase the Igbo people out of Lagos and other places where the Igbos are doing well in Nigeria. This is not fake news or rumor or gossip. It’s all in Shetima’s own voice, meeeeeeeen!!!

Now, finally, here’s the link to Mr. P and his revelation of Shetima’s evil vomit:

“APC messed with the wrong generation,” says Peter Okoye (aka Mr. P), as Kashim Shettima’s audio trends, thus:


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