June 13, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

June 13, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” once again with the miniseries on “1001 Reasons Why Nigerians Must Reject APC’s Presidential Candidate in 2023.” Greetings, folks, and welcome to part 3 of the series. If you missed parts 1 and 2; not a problem! I’ve got them for ya. The following link will take you to part 2, and you will see the link to part 1 in part 2: https://nobullshiting.com/1001-reasons-why-nigerians-must-reject-any-apc-presidential-candidate-in-2023-elections-part-2/

So, finally, Nigeria’s ruling political party, the APC, chose Bola Ahmed Tinubu as its candidate for the nation’s 2023 presidential election. Well, actually, I mean that Tinubu purchased the candidature of the party. Umm huh, if the loud rumor about Tinubu’s vote-buying criminal spending is true, he paid an-arm-and-a-leg, literally, for the ticket. And, I do believe that the rumor is absolutely true. Tinubu bought the 2,340 delegates to the APC Presidential Primary-Election with 50 million US dollars to vote for him, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Yes, you read me correctly; I say that Bola Tinubu allegedly paid a whopping and whooping sum of 50 million US dollars to become APC’s 2023 presidential candidate. All that, just to become our president in 2023! Mind you, I haven’t said 50 million worthless pieces of paper that we call the Nigerian naira currency today, people! No sir, no ma’am! I mean 50,000,000 big ones, US dollars, to 2,340 treacherous APC presidential primary-election delegates, to make him the candidate. The man had openly declared to us a couple of months back, that his life ambition has always been to become the president of Nigeria. He actually sounded as though it has now become his birthright, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, he is obviously ready to do whatever the fuck that it takes to achieve this ambition. I only hope and pray that things like murder are not among my “whatever it takes.” Mind you, the criminal vote-buying spending has just begun. He may spend over a billion and a half US dollars by the end of the process in 2023. Money seems to mean nothing to the Jagaban. According to allegations by Nigerians (not Harry), he has stolen unbelievable huge sum of it from public funds, since 1999 to date. If he disagrees with what many Nigerians are saying, I’m cool with that, too.  I ain’t got no problem with it, as long as he gives me an interview, to hear it from him, and ask some questions, meeeeeeeeeee!!!

And yes, I do see the delegates to APC’s presidential primary as traitors. That’s exactly what they are. They sold their souls to an ailing old man who has a serious baggage of integrity issue to rule Nigeria. I do have to say that this treacherous vote-selling is not limited to the APC party. It is an ugly tradition in Nigeria. I have blogged about it several times in the past. I did it from various perspectives, including the perspective that it is the bane of Nigeria. Here is a link to one of those blogs, which will also link you to another:


I will further embellish my position that the delegates to the primary-elections of the political parties are traitors of the Nigerian people. I will bring you a story about some of the disgraceful things that happened during the 2022 primary-election season in Nigeria. You will hear some of the ugly things that some delegates said and did. That’s a story for another blog.

Meanwhile, although I am citing the Bola Tinubu election and APC as an overview case-study in this commentary, delegates of other parties are as criminal. A lot of Nigerians allege today that Tinubu has too much criminal baggage, or immorality baggage, at least. The people are also complaining that he is too old to be our president. But the age is not really the crux of the matter for me, mind you. There have been, and still are presidents around the world who were/are older than Tinubu. The problem is the man’s poor health and frail physical being. Video evidence of this fact abounds on social media. He is seen shaky, like a man with Parkinson Syndrome, in some videos.

If Tinubu was a healthy man with a decent level of integrity, I would surely root for him, because the dude does possess quite some political savviness. But sadly, his political savviness is negatively overwhelmed by his present ill health and his integrity question. Hence, in No Bullshitting assessment, he is not worthy to be Nigeria’s president, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I am willing to wager that Tinubu is not the people. If Nigerians were allowed to choose their leaders through the Direct Primary mode, Tinubu would not emerge as the APC candidate. No fucking way!!! Too many Nigerians are aware that the man is simply too unhealthy, morally and physically, to be president. So, yes, the APC delegates did sell their souls and betrayed Nigerians when they picked Tinubu as candidate. They do know the feelings of Nigerians about the man, but they picked him for their own individual greed.

You know, I really do pray and hope that Tinubu lives to be over a hundred years. But if wishes were horses, beggars and idiots would easily ride them, they say. Tinubu just doesn’t look healthy enough to withstand and survive the rigors and pressure of being the president to revive the country that his Buhari has destroyed. It is widely discussed that his medical history, which is kept highly secretive, supports my position. As I have said repeatedly in this miniseries, Tinubu and other APC stalwarts sat by and watched Buhari as he destroyed Nigeria. They did nothing to stop him. And now, the old frail Tinubu of questionable character wants to take over to complete the destruction. I am sincerely afraid that he would drop dead under the pressure, due to his obvious ill heath, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

This does not in any way mean that I am predicting the man’s death; no sir, no ma’am! For all that we the mortals know, I may even drop dead before Tinubu. But his health condition demands that he stays away from the pressure of the presidency, in order to compete with me on who lives longer. If he claims that he is healthy, then I challenge him to make his un-doctored medical history open to us. He wants to become our president, this is a democracy, and so, we do have every right to know his health condition, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Do remember that we already lost one president in office, just a few years back, in 2010. The “Fourth Republic Nigeria” founder of government corruption, Olusegun Obasanjo, imposed an ailing but wonderful Umaru Musa Yar’Adua on us in 2007. Yar’Adua died on us just a couple of years into his first tenure as president. Unlike Tinubu’s image, Nigerians knew and still know the late President Musa Yar’Adua as a man of integrity. So, we eventually loved him after Obasanjo imposed him on us. Now, APC and its traitors who are called delegates want to impose another likely casualty on us. This time, too many of us don’t approve of the character of the imposition. It would be stupid of Nigerians to vote such character as president. If Nigerians actually vote for him, I would not enter Nigeria again for a very long time. I would be too ashamed to be identified as a Nigeria, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Do remember also, Nigerians do know all these health and integrity issues that I have raised here. No wonder, I am willing to wager that an overwhelming majority of Nigeria’s general electorate would reject Ahmed Tinubu. The people yearned for this opportunity of choosing their candidates through a Direct Primary mode. But no, the APC crooks who rule the country insisted, and succeeded in forcing the Indirect Primary mode on the people. They want crooks to continue to buy the few greedy traitors who represent us in the name of delegates. They want crooks to continue to rule and destroy the country. Once upon a blog, I addressed this Direct versus Indirect Primary matter. If you missed my analysis, you may wanno read it, just a click away: https://nobullshiting.com/nigeria-demo-crazy-at-war-with-democracy/

Meanwhile, my attention is shifting to my surprise that President Buhari failed to impose Senate President Ahmed Lawan on APC as the presidential candidate. I had actually wagered with some friends on this issue, and I lost. You can’t blame me for the miscalculation. Buhari had requested, or demanded nicely actually, to be “allowed to choose my own successor.” I was so sure that he would get his way, so I wagered on it. Umm huh, I did! After all, the APC stalwarts allowed him to unilaterally destroy Nigeria. They couldn’t, or wouldn’t challenge him, meeeeeeeeen!!!

President Buhari apparently did make an imposition-move, and failed. It was apparently through the APC National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu. Mr. Chairman unilaterally announced Senator Lawan as “the consensus candidate.” This was a couple of days or so before the primary-election convention commenced. All the aspirants were still hustling for votes to emerge as candidate. But Adamu unilaterally picked, and disdainfully announced Senator Lawan as the “consensus-candidate.” Consensus my ass! One man unilaterally decided to impose a candidate on fifteen or more aspirants, and called it a “consensus.” Some Nigerian politicians obviously ain’t got no fucking idea what some of the words that they vomit mean.

I can’t swear on it, but I did hear “the voice of Isau, but the hand is Jacob’s,” or however the heck the Christian Bible has it. In other words, I believe that Adamu announced the will of President Buhari. Hey, you can’t blame a man who postulates on this, when everything in Nigeria’s government is shrouded in secrecy. Buhari did say that he had his choice of his successor, but he refused to expose his/her identity to us. So, when Chairman Adamu illegally announced a consensus candidate for APC, I logically postulated that it was Buhari’s will.

Unfortunately for Buhari, Adamu, and Senator Lawan, a provision in the new electoral law of Nigeria checkmated their attempted impunity. The new law says that every aspirant must tender a written consent before the party can pick a “consensus-candidate.” So, when Tinubu and the other aspirants put their feet on the ground against Adamu’s impunity, Adamu knew that the game was over. If he continued to misbehave, he would be risking the disqualification of APC from the presidential election.

I do believe that President Mohammadu Buhari would never willingly allow a southern Nigerian to get the APC presidential candidacy. My reason is found in the same reason why Buhari led the 1983 military coup d’état that truncated democracy in Nigeria. The man is simply an incurable extremist when it comes to ethno-religious bigotry and clannishness. It is said that he would do whatever it takes to perpetually keep political power in northern Nigeria. Furthermore, he would prefer it to be strictly in the hands of his Fulani race, even when it had to be through military coup d’état.

Mind you, I ain’t got shit to do with that 1983 coup d’état story. No sir, no ma’am! I wasn’t even in Nigeria when all that was going on. That’s a story that I heard from several elderly Nigerians, and openly on TV, too. The last time that I heard someone refer to it in a political discourse was on Africa Independent Television (AIT). It was just about a couple of weeks ago; so, it’s not a forgotten matter, nor an unspoken secret. I am only doing my analogical analysis with an old story. The point here is that President Mohammadu Buhari is truly a man of extreme ethno-religious bigotry-cum-nepotism. And he seemed bent on giving the APC ticket to the northern Senate President who, against the will of Nigerians, has endorsed his destructive rule since 2019, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I must say one good thing about President Buhari and his terrible ethno-religious disposition. He is very honest about it. He has no qualms in letting you know, straight out, that he is an extreme ethno-religious bigot. He makes it clear that he is clannishness-personified, too. He is proud and bold to announce when he makes decisions in our governance based on this disposition. For instance, he told us, point-blank, that he can only work with people that he knows and trusts. And, sure enough, he filled his presidential cabinet with his Fulani Muslim kin. They are the only ones that he can trust, he said to us, and quite disdainfully, too. You know, I truly wouldn’t give a damn about his clannishness, if only he did it a little reasonably. My problem with it is that he did not bother to try and pick only his kin who have the brains to grow Nigeria. What Mr. President has given us is certainly no the best that the Fulani race has to offer, meeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, the illegal emergence of Senator Ahmed Lawan as “consensus-candidate” of the ruling APC party was botched, and Bola Tinubu emerged as the candidate. I must tell ya, the APC gang must be idiots. They are under the illusion that they can win the election with the ailing questionable character called Tinubu. Otherwise, they would look for a credible decent person to give the presidential ticket, even if it meant wooing a non-member! The idea would be to try and sell integrity as a new APC image, after the total dearth of integrity in Buhari’s government. With such a person, maybe, just maybe, APC’s fucked-up image would be revived a little. It would still be difficult to rebrand and successfully resell the party to Nigerians. But it would have been much better to try it with a powerful campaign. Instead, APC is now trying to sell a health-ailing Bola Tinubu and his huge integrity baggage to us. Now, that’s what I call a whole bunch of bullshitting, meeeeeeen!!!



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