April 27, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)


This is “No Bullshitting,” with 1001 Reasons Why Nigerians Must Reject Any APC Presidential Candidate In 2023, Part 2.

NBB is on a mission to encourage Nigerians to reject the rulership of APC political party in Nigeria in the 2023 general elections. We have 1001 Reasons Why Nigerians Must Reject Any APC Presidential Candidate In 2023 Elections. My focus in part one of the series was specifically on the rejection of APC’s presidential candidate. I enumerated just a few of the one-thousand-and-one reasons why this must happen. My commentary was hinged on two things. First, was the horrific performance of APC’s present rulership with Buhari as president. Secondly, all APC stalwarts have been watching Buhari as he destroys the country, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Obviously, all APC stalwarts have nothing to offer to Buhari’s governance. If they claim to have something in their brains to offer, then they have been too hypocritical or too afraid to tell him how terribly wrong he has been. Or, most likely, both! Whichever way that we slice it, I still see the same conclusion that no current APC stalwart has what it takes to correct Buhari’s humongous damages to Nigeria. If you missed that commentary, not to worry. I’ve got it here for ya, just a click away:


This 1001 REASONS WHY NIGERIANS MUST REJECT ANY APC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN 2023 ELECTIONS is part two, and the journey continues with more reasons why Nigerians must reject the federal ruling political party, the APC. This time I am raising the bar and upping my game. I am taking it to the level that Nigerians must go beyond rejecting APC’s presidential candidate in 2023. Nigerians must reject all APC candidates for all elective offices in the land. The motherfuckers in APC are committing more atrocious acts every fucking day to increase the reasons to reject them. You know, of course, that I ain’t flippant with the mouth. So, as always, I have my reasons for this call, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I will embellish my sub-titles 2 and 3 above to tell you my reasons. The two have a common denominator. APC continuously festers the evil political environment that encourages leadership criminality. The implication is that the looting of the nation’s treasury continues to grow astronomically in APC’s government, with absolute impunity.

Let’s start with sub-title 2—President Buhari’s moves to promote, encourage, and support corruption in Nigeria. He has just recently done it again for the umpteenth time in his tenure. I’ve got to tell ya, sometimes I just can’t understand why President Buhari does some of the unbelievable things that he does. How come that he just doesn’t give a fuck what the world thinks about his terrible behaviors, policies and acts, meeeeeeeeeeen?!!!

Really, how can an old man do everything possible to turn himself into a joke of the world, huh? For crying out fucking loud, this man and his APC gang told the world in 2014 that he is Mr. Integrity. They told us that he wanted to be president in order to get rid of corruption and reform Nigeria. He tried four times to become president and failed. He even shameless wept on TV when he failed the fourth time. It is truly abominable for him to allow himself to be turned into corruption personified when he finally got the power. I use the highlighted phrase advisedly, because our president doesn’t seem to be truly in control most of the time. That’s topic for another day, meeeeeeen!!!

Now, we have a so-called corruption and crime fighter who does the exact opposite. By his acts and his words, he consistently promotes and encourages corruption and other forms of criminality in Nigeria. How does Mr. President sleep at night with all this on his mind? How does he sleep, with his contradiction of all his campaign promises, meeeeeeen!!!

It is on record that Buhari pardoned and freed so-called repentant terrorists. He went further to recruit them into our military to sabotage national security. For this, many critics believe that he is actually complicit in the ongoing terrorism in the land. It is also on record that Buhari has pardoned unbelievable number of crooks who were not yet prosecuted for stealing billions of naira. The late courageous Dr. Obadiah Mailafia declared this repeatedly on TV before death recently took him from us too early. He challenged Buhari and his propaganda gang to refute the examples that he cited, on TV.

And, Buhari has also pardoned criminals who were already in prison, and set them free. He is supposed to be locking up looters of our treasury in prison as he has promised. Instead, he has been setting those already in prison free to go home and enjoy their huge loots. His latest atrocious pardon is still trending in the news. No wonder, the crooks in his cabinet are on a looting spree. They are apparently competing to outdo one another in stealing. They all know that their boss ain’t gonno do shit to them. When they depleted the nation’s oil money, they confused and encouraged Mr. President to mortgage Nigeria to China. They encouraged him to borrow billions of dollars from China for them to continue to steal, meeeeeeee!!!

Truly, our so-called “Mr. Integrity” president and anti-corruption crusader is doing too many things that contribute to destroy Nigeria with corruption! In his latest move couple of weeks back, he pardoned and released several crooks from prison. These are people who had been convicted for stealing billions of naira from the nation’s treasury. They include former state governors Joshua Dariye of Plateau State, and Jolly Nyame of Taraba State. Nineteen Civil Society Organizations promptly called a press conference to condemn the senseless pardon.

Mind you, nothing goes for nothing in Nigeria. So, it is not outlandish to allege that money changes hands whenever Buhari engages in his pardoning spree. After all, the pardoned criminals have enough stolen money to share. And, you know what? If money does change hands when the pardons happen, I won’t be surprised if Buhari does not see any of it. The crooks around him probably arrange all the deals, deceive him to endorse them, and take the bribes for themselves. But, if it’s so; what does that say about the state of the mind of the man who is our president, meeeeeeen?!!!


Let’s take a look at another one of the 1001 reasons why APC must be rejected in all elective offices in 2023. The party has just raised their bar to ensure that they totally bankrupt Nigeria after the 2023 elections! I speak of APC’s criminal costs of forms to apply to run as candidates at various levels of government. They are called nomination forms and “nomination fees.” APC has just released a new regime of costs for various forms.

In the new regime, every presidential aspirant has to cough up one hundred million naira to purchase the nomination form. It used to be twenty million, and Nigerians were complaining that it was too high then. Now the party of crooks (according to its former Chairman Oshiomhole) raised the bar five times higher.

     Governorship aspirants have to cough up fifty million naira each, to purchase the form. It was ten million naira. Aspirants for senatorial seats must cough up twenty million naira. And so on, down the line. The hike in price for nomination forms goes all the way down to the Local Government Area (LGA) Chairpersons, and Councillorship seats!

Now, let’s get to the crux of the mater here. I speak of the crime-implications of the new criminal hike in APC’s nomination forms.” I use the word ‘criminal’ quite advisedly. Um huh! I ain’t being flippant at all. Literally, APC’s nomination forms will ensure that whosoever that succeeds and wins any of those elective seats, must, repeat, MUST steal public funds. This is guaranteed, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Whenever I discuss this and related topics, I am not afraid of being sued to court for calling somebody a thief without a court conviction. You know why? Whoever the cap fits cannot dare to sue me for slandering. Especially not with legally-correct syntax, and with analysis that is based on researched facts. Even more especially not when there are convincing conclusions that are based on logical deductions.

You’re probably saying now, ‘Well, look, fuck all the long grammar, Harry, and cut to the chase’; right? Okay then, ‘the chase’ is that whosoever that pays one hundred million naira to purchase “nomination form” to become my president is already a thief, in my book, and I’ll tell you why, pronto:

         Nobody goes into business without planning to make some profits. Absolutely  no Nigerian wants to spend 100 million naira for a form to become president, only to recoup less than 60 million naira in his four years. Uh huh, the legitimate salary of Nigeria’s president is less than a total of 60 million naira in four years. Obviously, this cannot recoup the present APC nomination fee alone. And, let’s have in mind that there are other humongous electioneering expenses after the form purchase.

Now, check this out! President Buhari’s current salary is under one million and 200 hundred thousand naira every month (rounded up). That gives us a total of less than fourteen million and 400 thousand (N14,400,000) in one year. That’s under fifty-seven million and six hundred thousand naira (N57,600,000) in four years.

In other words, anybody that purchases APC’s presidential nomination form for N100m is already running “his business” at huge loss. He has already spent one-and-a-half times his total salaries for his entire period of four years in office. Sure, the president does have some perks or special benefits beyond his salary. But we can square those up with all the other humongous electioneering expenses. All the legitimate official perks of a Nigerian president in four years cannot possibly take care of the humongous electioneering billions in expenses. For these facts, I posit that whosoever that pays one hundred million naira to purchase “nomination form” to become our president is already a thief in the making, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Naturally, my narrative with the president and my position encompass all the other elective political offices. Mind you, I only use the nomination form fee to introduce a more encompassing theme, thus: The Exorbitant Costs Of Politics In Nigeria Are the Reason For The Fact That Our Rulers Are All Thieves. There is no single exception! I have two facts to embellish this position.

  • The leaders have no choice but to recoup whatever that they spend in electioneering, during their four years in office.
  • It is absolutely impossible, indeed, impossi-can’t, for them to recoup those costs from their legitimate income. So, they have to steal, or/and violate other laws, including and especially the conflict-of-Interest Law, period!!! The APC governors, for instance, will be stealing to recoup their N50 million naira nomination fees, plus electioneering expenses. And then, they have to steal much more to make profits on their investments. The APC lawmakers will be in the same criminal rat-race. So will the LGA Chairpersons, and others.

Now, APC has raised the bar on the expenses by all its candidates for all elective offices all over Nigeria. This simply means that the party has raised the bar on what they must steal after the 2023 elections. So, if we allow all the APC candidates to win, there will be looting galore across the nation to recoup their expenses, plus huge interests, of course.

         And, on the one hand, the criminals that Buhari continues to pardon and free from prison are back into the APC fold with invigorated criminal impunity to steal more. Therefore, I insist that the only way to save Nigeria from total bankruptcy after the 2023 elections is to keep the APC crooks out of power. I trust that I have embellished my position reasonably well, and you agree that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

In a previous commentary, I talked about the general matter of Nigerian rulers’ legitimate income vis-a-vis the atrociously bogus wealth that they control after four years in office. I approached it from the perspective of exoneration of criminals with bastardization of the global legal doctrine of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” I’ll sign off by linking you to the commentary, pronto!:


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.



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