February 14, 2023



Folks, in a sane country, the 2023 presidential candidate of Nigeria’s ruling political party, APC, would certainly be rotting in prison! To find out why, if you’re not Nigerian and didn’t know, please visit my past blogs about the man. I have the links to some of the blogs at the end of this. His name is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is commonly known as a criminal of various perspectives and various levels, who should be in prison, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, hey, I’m not talking about a sane country here. I am talking about Nigeria in West Africa, which is perhaps the shittiest country in the entire world today in governance. So, rather than rotting in prison where he belongs, Bola Tinubu is out there in the society. A common idiom is “Free as a bird,” but I say that Tinubu is freer than a bird! He continues to commit, with absolute impunity, various forms of crimes and atrocities. His current evil goal is to become Nigeria’s president in the impending 2023 election. He says, “It is my turn.” He also says that it is his “life-dream.” For him, therefore, it is a task that must be accomplished, “by all means,” he also declared!

Tinubu had been counting on his usual murderous election-rigging to achieve his goal, until Nigeria’s 2022 electoral reform happened. And, with the reform, an unprecedented electoral revolution emerged. That has truly rattled him and his kind in Nigeria’s hitherto satanic politics. But Tinubu is not the type of guy to give up criminality. So, he has done, and is still doing everything within the power of his stolen and illicit drug-trafficking money to thwart or undermine the electoral revolution, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Mind you, I am not accusing the man of anything that is a rumor, or a secret that is not known by all Nigerians. No sir, no ma’am! The crook has declared everything I have just quoted him about his presidential bid. He does it with utmost impunity! As for my criminality accusations, they are common knowledge in Nigeria. He does have criminal record in America, too. I have links for you to my past blogs on his criminality at the end of this. Meanwhile, I can summarize for you that Tinubu is a very sick and virtually walking-dead man, with very obvious memory-loss. He is a cocaine-trafficker, murderous election-rigger, and alleged drug addict. His memory-loss and the possible influence of alleged drug abuse is very apparent at every electoral campaign that Tinubu has ever appeared. Besides his gazillion gaffs, he does clearly sound like a drunk. As shown in my featured image photo, he always falls asleep during meetings. I swear, the dude always looks dazed, with absolute red eyes. And he sounds purely like a drunk…uncoordinated! There are numerous videos of him falling down on campaign platforms, too! All these facts give credence to the allegation by persons who know him closely, that he is always high on cocaine. I encourage my readers all over the world to test my objectivity and sincerity by making a point of verifying all that I am saying. I thank God for Google/YouTube, some of his campaign speeches are available. As for my constant bold pronouncement that Tinubu is a murderous election-rigger, please read my past blogs on “Murder-by-Proxy,” right here on this No Bullshitting platform.

Yet, the crook insists that he must rule Nigeria “by all means possible,” in his own words. He knows that Nigerians have overwhelmingly rejected him due to his evil political and cocaine-trafficking history. So, honest votes by Nigerians are not part of his “everything possible.” Mind you, he openly refuses to grant interviews or presidential debates. He refuses to say what he will do to improve Nigeria and how, if he becomes president (God forbid). All that he stupidly does is to declare that he would “continue the legacy of President Buhari.” This is obviously stupid, considering that Buhari’s legacy is evil and Nigerians hate him because he has destroyed Nigeria. But this apparent cocaine addict insists that it is his turn to become president. Why? Because, and I quote, “I singlehandedly installed Mohammadu Buhari as president in 2015. So, it’s my turn now.”  And he is right. He did install Buhari as president, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Do remember that we’re talking about a so-called democracy here, where the Nigerian voters were supposed to have elected our current president, Buhari. But one crook has the audacity and impunity to tell us that he personally installed him! What an undemocratic slap in our faces! Now, what does that tell you about my constantly calling him a murderous election-rigger, huh? What does that tell you about my constant declaration that there has never been any democratic election in Nigeria since 1999, huh, huh?? Crooks like Tinubu have always murdered voters to grab power by force, and nothing happens to them. This is so because we’re talking about Nigeria where loads of shit happen, and loads of flies flock around the shit, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

All that Tinubu offers at all campaign rallies is to call all his frontrunning opponents all manner of names, including ‘insect’ and ‘rat. This crook is hardly a presidential material, meeeeeen!!! Tinubu makes the foul-mouth of former US president, Donald Trump, to sound angelic. At least, Trump was always coordinated, albeit caustically so. Tinubu talks absolute rubbish most times. He says just about any rubbish that occurs to his deranged brain whenever he mounts his campaign platforms.

Now, Nigeria’s 2022 electoral reform with drastically reduced rigging possibilities has happened. Also, Nigerian youths have suddenly started a revolution to grab their country back from crooks like Tinubu who have destroyed Nigeria since 1999. But die-hard criminals like Tinubu are determined to thwart the electoral reform and revolution. You know, to have an evil presidential candidate who openly declares that he must impose himself on the people is one horrible thing. But even worse is the fact that Nigeria’s law enforcement agencies refuse to call the crook to order. The law officers refuse to arrest him and his APC accomplices for their atrocities that are common knowledge to all Nigerians. Apparently, the law-enforcement agents have been bought and paid for by Tinubu, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The most recent acts of Tinubu’s evil hatchet men include one by a criminal in Lagos State over the last weekend. The crook is the king of a small kingdom, or whatever the hell they call him. The apparent killer issued a threat to voters in his kingdom. He openly declared that anybody in his kingdom who does not vote for Tinubu and his APC candidates will be dealt with or driven out of the community. He insists that every voter must take a picture of his/her voting slip to show that he/she voted for APC or face the wrath of his killer-thugs. “Even my being a person depends on this,” the evil criminal declared. “The status of my children is at stake. So, I won’t allow you to jeopardize my future and that of my children by refusing to vote for APC. So, this is a directive, not a plea,” he concluded.

Now, let’s tell my non-Nigerian readers the key implication of the man’s words in the above quoted lines. Tinubu is virtually the owner of the entire Lagos State, which is the richest state in Nigeria. Among everything else since 1999, he decides who is the governor, who are lawmakers, and the monarchs (kings, chiefs, and all) in all the kingdoms of the entire state. So, postulating from the criminal’s own words, his kingship depends on obeying Tinubu’s order to ensure that members of his kingdom vote for Tinubu, “by all means.” Otherwise, Tinubu would dethrone him, period! This man’s threat on the lives of fellow citizens was open and recorded. His name and location are public information; yet, he has not been arrested by the law officers of Nigeria for breaking electoral laws, and for threat on citizens’ lives. Another postulation by me is that Tinubu’s inexhaustible stolen and drug money is at work to keep him above the law, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Something similar happened in Lagos metropolis in 2015. The “Oba” (king) of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, openly threatened to throw members of the Igbo tribe in Lagos into the Lagos lagoon and drown them all. The sin of the Igbos was that it looked like they wanted to vote against Tinubu when Tinubu “singlehandedly installed Buhari.” That pissed me off like hell, because I grew up in the American democratic society. And I am a member of that highly persecuted Igbo tribe in Nigeria! Like husband, like wife! Tinubu’s evil wife, Oluremi Tinubu, often publicly echoes and endorses the various threats to the Igbos to vote for all Tinubu’s candidates or suffer dire consequences. She and her husband have special hatred for the people of the Igbo tribe. Maybe that’s one of their reasons for “singlehandedly installing” Buhari as president. They have a common denominator with Buhari—confessed passionate hatred for the Igbo tribe! Like this recent criminal king, Oba Akiolu was apparently scared of losing his throne in 2015 when he threatened to have all Igbo people drowned in Lagos lagoon.

Tinubu’s evil hatchet men act with so much impunity because they are confident that their principal has the power to protect them from the law! This is my cue to talk a little about Tinubu’s daily incitement of his thugs to commit political mayhem. He constantly utters words that incite them to commit the atrocities! Disgustingly, his wife often does the same! Her common and constant statement to the Igbos in Lagos is in the line of, “You can’t stay and trade in our state and city and vote against our party. You vote for us, or you leave town.” Once upon such statement, her aide whispered to her that she was being recorded. And the she-devil boldly responded that she didn’t care whether she was being recorded or not. That’s the evil murderous rubbish emanating from a supposed “lady”…a mother…a so-called “Distinguished senator” of Nigeria. Distinguished lady, my ass! Street criminals show more dignity than that evil bitch, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, it has finally dawned on Tinubu that all his murderous-rigging plans will no longer work on February 25 2023 presidential election. It has also finally dawned on the old ailing crook that all his inexhaustible stolen Lagos State funds and illicit drug-trafficking billions can no longer buy him votes either. So, he has resorted to open intimidation and threat to victimize voters who do not vote for him.

But unfortunately for Tinubu, and fortunately for Nigerians, his evil power is limited to just Lagos State. He conquered it since 1999, and he has continued to rob the state blind ever since, as an evil political godfather. His structure and manner of hold on the state is story for another day. Suffice for now to say that the man virtually owns half of the state. On the contrary, Tinubu and/or his gang cannot issue his life-threat to citizens in other parts of Nigeria where he has no atom of evil control.

Importantly, and fortunately for Nigerians, this champion murderous election-rigging criminal cannot win the presidential election with just Lagos State. Also, fortunately for Nigerians, it is very apparent, at least to me, that President Buhari does not support Tinubu’s presidential bid. I have blogged my postulation on this in the past, from the perspective of the Fulani oligarchy’s claim to own Nigeria. Anyway, I am saying that even if Tinubu succeeds to force every single resident of his Lagos State to vote for him, he needs more. He needs 24 percent of the votes in at least 24 of the 36 states of the federation to become president. It is joyous to well-meaning Nigerians that this is impossible for him because all Nigerians are aware of his horrendous criminal history. Nigerians know his terrible mental and physical ailment, his alleged hard drug addiction, and his proven illicit drug trafficking record. But, you see, the crook is too full of himself to notice the current electoral revolution in Nigeria. He is too stupid to accept that Nigerians now passionately hate him and his kind who have destroyed Nigeria since 1999.

Finally, I challenge Nigeria Police and other law enforcement agencies to wake up to their responsibilities. I challenge them to shun Tinubu’s common evil bribery and start holding him accountable for his atrocities. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

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