NOTE:  Though recently uploaded here, this was actually published in 2017. However, the story of evil BASTARDIZATION and COMMERCIALIZATION of the contemporary Christendom remains the same today; in fact, it is getting worse by the day!!!


I am Harry Agina, and, this is your radical Socio-Political Critic of Africa, “No Bullshitting.” My grouse this time is the Nigerian trending craze of nonsensical prayers and/or so-called “prophesies” that are flying all over the social media, particularly on the Whatsapp platform.

I did say in my first 2017 commentary on spirituality that many “born-again” Christians are going to hate me this year; and, of course, those that are born ten times will hate me that many times more. And, some of them, especially pastors who see me as bad business, will be sending their devilish so-called “Holy Ghost Fire” to consume me; all in vain, I always add! I am certain that NOBODY BORN OF MAN CAN DO ANYTHING THROUGH ‘AIRWAVES’ (OR SPIRIT) TO ME!!!! Guess why? I speak the truth, and so, God is on my side, and no power is greater than His. Anybody that is truly spiritual or religious (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, or whatever) knows this!!!!

Importantly, I did say also that I don’t really give a hoot who hates me for vehemently condemning the Nigerian ignorant “born-again” bullshit! I do appreciate those who my commentaries will jar out of their funky-pastor-induced trances to realize that they are being “hoodwinked” by crooks (as my cousin Gene Mojekwu put it). And, of course, I appreciate the good people out there who encourage commentaries such as mine, which aim to stop the evil commercialization of Christianity in Nigeria, and the resultant untold socio-cultural destruction.

Now, to the reason for this particular piece—the trending social media craze of prayers or “prophetic” statements. I have personally said this to some of my friends; now I want to say it publicly here, and will do so on any other platform I am—PLEASE DON’T SEND THOSE PRAYERS OR SO-CALLED PROPHETIC STATEMENTS TO ME!!! Whenever I need favors from God (which I always do), I talk to God by my own self in my own words (which I do quite often, mind you). I do it even as I go about my duties every minute of my life. In fact, if you catch me unawares sometimes you would think I’ve gone bunkers talking to myself—yes, indeed!!! Nobody on earth can talk to God about me and my needs better than I, period!!! So, you see—I don’t need anybody’s prophesies or prayers, especially when I know for sure that some of the prayers actually originate from people who commit more evil in a single day than I can ever imagine to commit all my life. Note that I am not saying that I am such a great righteous guy; no sir! But, when any good thing happens in my life, no pastor (or whatever) is going to claim that it comes from his prophesy or prayer, as a gimmick to demand some portions of my goodies; no sir! I get what I get from God who blesses the work of my hand and brain!!!

Now, for those who don’t know—the secret of the efficacy of prayer, in other words, what we all really need to do much more than the hypocritical prayers—is to behave and act as Christ-like and Godly as humanly possible! Not to leave out Muslims, Hindi, Buddhists, and others—act and behave according to the pious teachings of your religious/spiritual Messiah as Christ is for Christians. The bottom line is—be good and DO THE RIGHT THING, ALWAYS!!! Well, I mean, be good as much as humanly possible; knowing that it is difficult to be perfect. That’s our ultimate PRACTICAL PRAYER; and not the often infantile rhetoric we call prayers, and so-called prophesies that we are urged to pass around the social media platforms. Believe me, I speak only facts, plus lots of commonsense!!!

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