June 12, 2022

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Greeting, folks!

I am Harry Agina. And it’s time for a little fun with An Old-young Man Who “Wanna Bamba, And Chill With The Big Girls.” Presenting to ya, NBB’s “Senior Citizens Dancer of The Year 2021,” meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

          Folks, do you remember, or are you aware of the hit-song that recently went viral? Yeah, I know, I should give you the name first, before asking you the stupid question if you remember it; right? Right! The song is titled, “You Wanna Bamba?” It is the music of a Nigerian star named “Hypeman Goya Menor.” Well, you’d better be aware of it, or I would have to say that you are not hip and up to date in the music world. The song’s hit-line asks, “You wanna bamba, you wanna chill with the big boys?”

Anyway, I’ve got a fun-filled video clip today for ya. The old dude in the video does not only wanna bamba (Mexican dance), he is already ‘bambaring’ in African style. In fact, though oldish, he is better referred to as a young-elder, because he is too “hip” to be categorized as an old man. But instead of “bambaring and chilling with the big boys,” he is ‘bambaring’ and chilling with the ‘big girls,’ meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I had wanted to give you a serious political blog today. It’s about the newly elected 2023 presidential candidate of Nigeria’s ruling APC political party. But the plan changed when I chanced upon the following fun-filled video in my library. Then it was time again for my usual NBB trinity-conversation, between ‘me,’ ‘myself,’ and ‘I.’ So, ‘I’ said to ‘myself,’ “Self, this ain’t right at all! Why the fuck do ‘we’ wanno give such a heavy stuff to those nice people out there on a Sunday, huh? Let’s forget the APC primary-election shit, and give our fans something to relax the mind a little today, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!”

If you know me, then you must know that whenever the trinity of ‘me’ ‘myself’ and ‘I’ hold such a conversation, ‘I’ always listen to ‘myself,” because it makes ‘me’ wiser, and very happy, too. You dig? You should be glad that the trinity-conversation happened today, because the result brings you joy and fun for a little relaxation. But not to worry; the blog about the recent presidential primary-election of Nigeria’s ruling political party, the APC, is still coming your way tomorrow. It’s good and ready to go already, before ‘myself’ and ‘I’ decided to give you something lighter for your Sunday. And the decision is just fine by ‘me,’ too. Of course, you must have heard the news about the emergence of “The Jagaban,” Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as the APC 2023 presidential candidate. Mine is to analyze that news and tell you what a motherfucking huge mistake APC made. If I should ever be part of a team to campaign against Tinubu, his character and state of health will be shred into pieces. Nigerians need to see the 1001 reasons why he should not be president, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, that’s for tomorrow. Let’s get back to today, with the dude who won NBB’s “Senior Citizens Dancer of The Year 2021.”  And there is really nothing more that I need to talk about. Seeing is believing, they say. So, go right ahead and see for yourself. Do drop a comment bellow after viewing:

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