Published 2021

By Harry Agina

SOME DEFEATIST TENDENCIES OF THE WOMEN Greetings, folks! I will start with the declaration of my position as a feminist. Yeah, I know, some people with suspicious minds probably take this to mean that I am feminine in one queer form or another. Well, sorry to disappoint such minds; and, nope, I am a full-blooded man. I can tell ya, by the grace of God, I do possess all that it takes to be a real manly man, and I’m sure that my woman can attest to this. You catch my drift?…hahahahahaa!!!

Anyway, seriously though, no sir, no ma’am; I sure ain’t saying that I am feminine. A feminine man is one who portrays or possesses some appearances, or characteristics, or tendencies that are traditionally associated with women, such as male transvestites (cross-dressers), and the ‘female components’ of male homosexual couples. And, being a feminist means that I fully believe in equality or equity for women, or the rights of women, or fairness to women in social, economic, and political dispensations in a society. Of course, I also do believe that there are functions or activities that are NATURALLY reserved for women, and ones that are NATURALLY reserved for men, due to some God-given characteristics. I have to add this because some women and some men tend to go overboard about all this.

As some women recite their feminist slogan that “What a man can do, a woman can do, even better”, I have seen, and heard of some men who spitefully retort with the argument that women should be spited by making them to perform some functions that are naturally manly. Sadly and disgracefully, therefore, you see such senseless fools called men, actually archaic in some cases, who stand by and watch women (their wives or girlfriends), struggling to lift heavy loads, just to spite them for asserting their rights to equity in the society. “Well, since they say that we are all equal”, they would quickly tell you, “then let them do everything that we do, too.” This is stupid, of course, because God makes women to be soft and tender, and not to lift heavy loads; and He makes men to be tougher and stronger, and therefore, should be the ones to lift heavy loads. As a matter of fact, I can tell ya, I am totally romantically or sexually turned off by any woman who tends to act as tough as a man.

I NEED THE SOFTNESS to be romantically or/and sexually turned on by a woman On the other hand, some women who take the women’s rights too far forget to give their husbands or boyfriends the respect that men deserve from their women. My point, folks, is that women must share equity with men in all sectors of our society; however, everything under the sun does have sensible and reasonable limits. Now, let’s zero-in on my specific topic for the day, which is my disappointment with the fact that Nigerian women are not really doing all the right things to favor their cause in the global campaign for equity in the society. In fact, they are often their own worst self-defeatist enemies.

For one thing, they have a political advantage, for the fact that they have the numbers to defeat men in many political competitions. Women do outnumber men, and they are actually more politically participatory in most free societies, including Nigeria! Politics is a game of numbers; but our women do not understand how to harness their power to their own advantage. Instead, they tend to beg men to give them power and equity, whereas they should work harder on GRABBING their rights with their numbers. Check this out; when you observe any polling area in Nigeria during elections, women and male youngsters far outnumber older men.

With proper SENTIMENTAL MOTHERLY campaign strategy, the women can easily appeal to the male youngsters (their sons) to vote for female candidates. If I should ever be their publicist, there are plenty of such sentiments to capitalize on, including the fact that, in politics, women are far more sincere and much less crooked than men. And finally to my self-defeatist assertion against women, I listened to a female broadcaster who was hosting a discourse on TV just yesterday, and her stupidity actually inspired this blog. She introduced a subject that some women in positions in past governments of Nigeria, such as the devilishly greedy Diezani Alison-Madueke, have made it difficult to trust women, and therefore, closed the opportunity for other women.

“What a stupid bunch of crap!!!” I shouted. “How the hell can Diezani’s evil greed possibly overshadow the great achievements of some Amazonian women such as Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the late Dora Akunyili? Besides, for every woman that has ever looted Nigeria’s treasury, there have been a thousand men that did far worse, you idiot!!!” I found myself shouting at the woman’s image on the TV set, as if I actually believed that the fool could hear me.

Yes, indeed, the show hostess’s position was/is a very stupid one. If women are excluded from government for the reason that, relative to men, minuscule number of women who had the opportunity in the past stole money; then, what the fuck do we say about men. I was very pissed off that anybody would utter such arrant nonsense, more so when the rubbish was vomited by a woman, a broadcaster for that matter, who should know better.

You see, that’s one of those things that I often complain about our so-called broadcasters in Nigeria. Many are half-baked, and some not even baked at all. Men have been looting Nigeria’s treasury dry since the inception of our Fourth Republic. For every woman who has ever stolen in government, there have been hundreds of evil men who stole much more; and somebody actually came up with such stupid notion that women are excluded from governance for the reason that some women have looted our treasury. If we even honor such stupid position with any response, then, we must have to say that men must be excluded from our government forever. And then, we would have to import aliens from other planets to govern Nigeria, because, Nigerian men would not qualify to be in governance at all.  

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