July 22, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Welcome to the NBB series on “1001 Reasons Why Nigerians Must reject APC Candidates In 2023 Elections.” This is edition 7, and my focus is on APC’s presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is clearly the worst crook of the entire APC gang. Folks, the old and ailing professional murderous-election-rigger and USA-indicted-drug-lord is too desperate to become Nigeria’s president “by any means.” And we must not let him. If we do, he would complete Buhari’s Islamization agenda, and even sell Nigeria, too, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

He does have all the traits to support my position; doesn’t he? Umm huh, he is a forger and chronic liar who has lied about everything in his entire fucking life. He lies about his age, whereby he reduces his age by close to a whopping chunk of 20 years. I recently heard that the Tinubu family that he claims as his family has openly denied him. As I heard it, the family members said that they don’t know him. The story is that he changed his original name to Bola Tinubu, and his adopted family has publicly denounced him. Suffice to conclude that Tinubu would not need to change his name so suspiciously in the first place, if he had nothing to hide about his original name. This is to say that I do believe the stories about his criminal reasons to change his name. It was back in the day, in the USA, when his original name was fouled-up with criminal acts and records, especially his cocaine trafficking record.

I have personally seen a circulating video of a former President Jonathan’s aide, Reno Omokri, on Tinubu’s drug-trafficking charges in the USA. He challenges Tinubu to deny that he forfeited the sum of 500 thousand US dollars to the American government. It was his plea-bargain for America to drop the charges against him as a cocaine “Drug Lord.” Naturally, Omokri has documented proofs and case numbers, or he wouldn’t be so confrontational about it. Besides, it’s easy to trace Tinubu’s records in the USA. The social media and the net are awash with written stories about Tinubu’s criminal records, but some of them could be fake information. So I cite Omokri’s video in my sincere interest of veracity.

And how about his educational qualifications? Yesteryears, he gave us names of Primary and Secondary Schools that he attended, which were lies. Today, he changes his song, and confesses that he did not attain primary and secondary education. That was only because the heat got high on him to prove his previous lie concerning the school certificates. He declares that he did acquire College degrees in Chicago, USA. Folks, I do have a pro-Tinubu investigative and knowledge-based fact to reveal to ya. Some Nigerians ask, “How did Tinubu enter university in Chicago without secondary school.” I must be honest, and fair to Tinubu, to say that it is certainly doable, but one has to work hard for it. The options are story for another day. But yes, he could have entered a university without primary and secondary school certificates, depending on the school and the state in the USA.

Having said all that, I repeat my regular key question for Nigerians on this miniseries. Why the fuck must we even consider a man like Tinubu as president at all, huh? The man has so much criminal, moral, and health issues to disqualify him already, like yesterday, meeeeen!!! Is it that we have no decent intelligent people to move Nigeria forward? Or, maybe, we can’t wake up from mental slavery and free ourselves from crooks of Tinubu’s kind. In any sane society, Tinubu’s name would have been dropped long ago, like a hot piece of iron that is too hot to handle. In fact, he wouldn’t even show up at all as a candidate. He would be too ashamed, knowing that he wouldn’t get up to one thousand votes due to his criminal character.

I am truly getting more serious about my statement that I would denounce Nigeria as my country if Nigerians vote Tinubu to be president in 2023. I would not enter Nigeria again until my people wake up from their mental slavery. I would be ashamed of continuing to belong to such society where incompetent criminals are perpetually recycled in power. The 2022 electoral reform has made it easy to reject them. And I maintain that Nigerians have to reject such criminals, or I will reject Nigeria. I thank God that I do have America as my second country. Love me or hate me for this if you like. I don’t really give a fuck about any stupid patriotism to a fucked-up country with mentally enslaved people who refuse to be free, meeeeeeeeeen!

          THE KEY TOPIC OF THE DAY—BOLA TINUBU’S TRENDING IMPERSONATION CRIMINALITY: Now, I will zero-in on the main topic of this blog—the latest and trending immoral-cum-criminal act of impersonation by Bola Tinubu and his APC gang. I will start by establishing some known background facts, thus:

Fact 1: Tinubu did declare that ‘winning’ Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election victory is now his birth-right. For him, anything goes in this quest, including and especially crimes. Fact 2: Tinubu did openly declare that, “It’s all about winning the election, by any means necessary.” His trending “means” is criminal use of fake Catholic bishops to sell his evil Islamization agenda! Fact 3: Tinubu’s APC party chairman openly confirmed that Tinubu’s declarations are all endorsed by President Buhari’s ruling APC political party, officially! The motherfucking chairman, Adamu Abdullahi, openly said to his APC gang in a meeting, “Just win the election through any means, let the opposition complain and go to court.” I heard this from the horse’s mouth myself on TV…no rumor! With this, Adamu takes my memory back to President Olusegun Obasanjo’s era. Obasanjo gave his people the directive before his 2007 elections that, “It is a do-or-die affair.”

Also, all the desperation declarations by Bola Tinubu himself were made on TV to the entire world! I didn’t make them up. Yet, the ruling APC mafia gang recently blamed their rulership woe on one Bishop Kukah. They claimed that the western societies have denied them weapons to fight terrorists because one Bishop Kukah exposed their iniquities. You may recall, if you’re my regular, that I blogged about that stupid claim then. But if not, you have not lost anything. I will give you the link at the end of this piece, to catch up on that. So, yes, it is stupid of the APC to accuse anybody of any of their “washing-our-dirty-linen-in-public” bullshit. They, the dirt-makers, are doing the public-dirty-linen-washing all by themselves, every fucking day, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Just look critically at the currently trending disgraceful criminality by Bola Tinubu and his APC gang, will you! This is the man that is fighting tooth-and-nail to become Nigeria’s president next year. And he is too stupid to start learning how to act right and win the people’s hearts to vote for him. He can’t understand that it is no longer possible to ‘pull the wool over the eyes’ of Nigerians. He truly believed that he would get away with his infantile scam of giving us impostors as Christian bishops, in effort to sell his Islamization presidential ticket. He is too dumb and too-set in his evil ways, and he’s finding it impossible to change in the face of the revolutionary 2022 electoral act. He just can’t understand that his evil empire of lies, deceit, and murderous election-rigging has finally collapsed. He can’t see that Nigerians are now eager to grab their land from his destructive kind. The motherfucker who is looking for votes is still committing crimes and immoral acts with utmost impunity, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I did say in my previous blogs, that Tinubu’s dumb strategy to rig himself into the president’s seat will continue to unfold in stages. It’s very simple to foresee this, if you are observant and discerning. He cannot possibly win a free and fair election as president of Nigeria in the current electoral revolution. It is impossi-can’t!!! And he knows this fact. So, in his characteristic crime-master mode, he has already mapped out how to do it illegally. If you ask me; or even if you don’t ask me, I still say that the 2022 electoral act means nothing to Tinubu! He falsely believes that he has already gotten an antidote planned out. No wonder, the motherfucker has the audacity to tell us that he “must be president in 2023.” This is a democracy where the people are supposed to decide who is president, but he unilaterally and impudently tells us that it is his already! Now, if you don’t call that the highest order of criminal impunity, I wonder what the fuck else is, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I did start counting from number one, as Tinubu’s “1001” archaic criminal and immoral elements started to unfold. I have counted his vote-buying to become APC’s presidential candidate, to the alleged tune of 50 million US dollars. Now, he has gone in the mode of his specialties of lying, forgery, and impersonation. He is so desperate, that he had to hire some crooks like him to present to Nigerians as Christian bishops who support his evil divisive decision to Islamize Nigeria. Who knows, maybe Tinubu had to make a promise to President Buhari, in order to gain his support to emerge as the APC candidate. Maybe he promised to continue in Buhari’s footstep to consolidate his evil divisive Islamization project. No wonder, Tinubu made the self-defeatist move of picking a fellow Muslim as a running mate.

The motherfucking crook and his gang, hypocritically, tell us that “Muslim-Muslim ticket doesn’t matter.” They do this in open defiance of the will of a big chunk of the people who Tinubu wants to rule (and not lead). The motherfuckers disdainfully tell us that agitators against the Muslim-Muslim ticket are talking nonsense. Yes, hypocritical, that’s what I call the position of Tinubu and his gang, because they all know that what they say is hogwash. Now, the hypocritical crooks have demonstrated their hypocrisy by themselves. The Christian community of Nigeria has rejected Tinubu’s Islamization move. Naturally, notable Christians boycotted his event of “unveiling Muslim running mate” on July 20, 2022. And, Characteristic of Tinubu, his APC gang hired his usual thugs, who acted as bishops at the event. Those are the kind of crooks that he raised over the years as an infamous “Area-father” of “Area-boys,” in his criminal brand of politics in Nigeria.

EFFECTS OF IMPUNITY ON THE BRAINS OF NIGERIAN POLITICAL CROOKS: More than once upon some blogs, I spoke about impunity-induced stupidity in the acts of most of Nigeria’s crooks in power these days. Their impunity has turned them into virtual-idiots in thinking and reasoning. Yap, they know that nobody can penalized them for their atrocities. So, they never bother to put any thinking behind whatever atrocity that they commit. They don’t give a fuck if Nigerians see through their crimes. This fact is evident in the trending criminality of APC and Tinubu. They didn’t bother to ensure that their fake bishops complied with Catholic norms. Their huge irregularities were the first give-away to Christian observers. Tinubu’s so-called bishops had no fucking idea how bishops are supposed to dress, the right mannerism, and the rest. Some of them committed serious Catholic taboo in dressing. For instance, some had garments that are forbidden in such occasion.

Now, some of the fake bishops have been identified as the thugs and criminals that they are, through social media networking. The Nigerian Pidgin-English inscription on the following photo of the fake bishops translates to, “I know this guy in sunglasses, in the community called ‘Iyano Ejigbo.’ He is a public-transport bus conductor, named Wasiu”:

This story would not be complete without the part where some of the so-called bishops have confessed their sin. Actually, the two stories that I have seen on this are attributed to fake bishops who did not get full payment from Tinubu’s gang that hired them. It’s said that the impostors were gathered from a public place, and given pre-arranged garments of bishops to wear. They were promised 100 thousand naira each, but some only received 40 thousand naira. So, they started singing like canary, in lamentation. A criminal gang with such evil plot is who some misguided Nigerians are actually rooting to run our presidency from 2023. Un-fucking-believable! They would sell the country to Islamic jihadists in one fucking year, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

The hypocritical Tinubu tells us that Muslim-Muslim ticket does not matter; right? Now ask yourself some pertinent questions, will you! For a start, if Tinubu truly believed that “Muslim-Muslim ticket does not matter,” why the fuck did he go to the criminal length of impersonation of bishops at his ceremony, huh? With his dis-unifying Islamization disposition, how the fuck does Tinubu intend to address the currently boiling religious tension in the country? Does this look like a man who truly plans to repair Buhari’s evil Fulanization and Islamization of Nigeria?

Naturally, the “Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)” promptly issued an angry admonishment of the immoral-cum-criminal act of Tinubu and his APC gang. I have a link or two to some news reports on this for you, at the end of this blog.

EXTREMIST MUSLIMS’ BLASPHEMY MADNESS VERSUS TINUBU’S CRIMINAL IMPERSONATION: I have finally got to another terrible element of Tinubu’s criminal act of presenting fake Christian bishops to Nigerians. I always have my own peculiar approach to all topical news or events in Nigeria. And so, it is with Tinubu’s destructive Islamization act of July 20, 2022. As I often do, I wanno start my special perspective with a thematic question, thus: Can you imagine what would happen if Christians in Nigeria dare to impersonate Islamic clerics for evil purpose, as Tinubu and his Muslim gang did against Christians? I will give you my answer to my own question, pronto! Nigeria’s extremist Muslims would most likely go on a jihadist murderous rampage; that’s what, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Among all manner of accusations, the extremists would call it blasphemy against the Almighty Allah of Islam. And, if that should happen, they would do what I truly see as the height of ignorance. They would go to war for the Almighty Allah of Islam. Note my intentional demarcation between the Almighty Allah of Islam and Christian Almighty God, because that’s the way the ignorant extremist Muslims think. They actually believe that there is a difference, and they insist that their own Allah is the correct and superior one. They are quick to fight in defense of the honor of the Almighty Allah. When they get in this mode, they massacre any Christians in sight. Remember that we’re talking about the same Almighty God who can easily defend Himself any day! He can instantly strike a blasphemer down with lightening, if He ever deems it necessary. Yet we have fools who are criminally fighting to defend His honor. Such atrocious madness has happened several times in Nigeria in the past, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I don’t ever discuss this topic without the ironical comparison with the equally-ignorant Nigerian Pentecostal Christian bunch. Umm huh, ignorant Christian fools do believe in the superiority of the Christian God, too. They foolishly believe that the Islam Allah is not true God. Both ignorant sects fail to understand that Allah is just another (Arabic) name for God. But there is a marked difference the two ignorant sects. Umm huh, on the one hand, the extremist Muslims fight to defend the honor of Allah. On the other hand, their Christian counterparts have no time to fight to defend God’s honor. They don’t even want to fight their own personal wars by themselves. Instead, they are busy stupidly shouting at God to send “Holy Ghost fire” to fight for them, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, the point here is that a highly-placed Muslim called Bola Tinubu has insensitively and criminally “blasphemed” against the Christian God. That’s what extremist Muslims would call it if Christians should commit such criminality. All that, simply for the reason that Tinubu has the evil desperate obsession to become Nigeria’s president. Sadly, he is getting away with the “blasphemy.” He is facing no repercussion, and that’s not right! So, my prayer is that his repercussion must come from the Almighty Allah Himself in 2023. It will come in the form of his failure at the poll. And I trust, that you trust, that I haven’t been bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!





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