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This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

The American presidential election is one of the most trending events, perhaps, the most trending event in the entire global community today. Every Dick and Harry (not this Harry, mind you) is trying to be seen to be relevant in one form or another—even monkeys, too!!! Yes indeed, monkeys! Well, at least one monkey—the so-called prophetic Chinese money! Mr. Prophetic Monkey has predicted that Donald Trump will win the election.

But, Mr. Monkey is not to be left unchallenged. So, all the way across the world in Nigeria, Africa, another prophet has challenged the Chinese monkey by prophesying that Hillary Clinton will emerge the winner. So, what we have here is a clear case of conflict of two prophets!!!

I’ve gotta tell ya, I have a problem with Prophet TB Joshua’s prophesy. I’m like, whoa, wait just a doggone minute there, Prophet Joshua!! I predicted it first; long ago!!!

Yes, indeed; long before Prophet Joshua’s prophesy, I already prophesied that Hillary Clinton will win the election. How come the prophets of the world waited so late in the game for their so-called prophesies, huh? They wanted everything to look good for Clinton, or good for Trump (depending on who you ask and when) before they started prophesying, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

As for the Chinese monkey; we shall soon realize how unprophetic ‘he’ really is. Or, is it a she, or it? ‘He’ has decided to pitch tent with Trump in ‘his’ hocus-pocus prediction business. Give me a break, please!!! The world is now listening to monkeys to tell us what is happening in our world? I thought that we’re in charge here, people? This is good enough reason for a last-minute global call to duty! The world has to rally around Hillary Clinton by all means possible in the remaining hours of the voting process. We must ensure that Clinton garners all the remaining votes and win this election. We need to to take control of the future of our world back from Chinese monkeys, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, in fairness, the question remains, who is gonno come out on top in this clash of two prophets? Is it gonna be Prophet TB Joshua, or the Prophet Chinese Monkey? One thing is certain—one of the two prophets is going down! Hahahaha!!! I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

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