August 22, 2022


This is Harry Agina with “On The Legitimacy Of African Religions.”

Folks, I greet you. I woke up this morning with only one thing on my mind, and it was irritating me, big time! I speak of something that I truly believe that the world must look into. Maybe the United Nations, or someone, I don’t care who, just anybody should make a law about it, or something…anything!!!

The source of my irritation is the bunch of Pentecostal Christian fools in Africa. And my anger is that they are bent on terminating my African Culture, in the misguided name of Christ. Like I said, there ought to be a law against that!!!

Last night, I had a conversation, a debate actually, with a couple of such fools who want to destroy the African Culture. They talk like misfits who are immersed in other peoples’ cultures, pretending to fit in. Mind you, they are bastardizing those foreign cultures as they pretend to fit in! All that is because the fools are ashamed of their own culture. I truly hate to listen to the foolishness of such foolish Pentecostal Christians, with their stupid belief that their own African Culture is demonic! My present focus is their view on The Legitimacy of African Traditional Religions. The fools insist that African traditional religions worship the devil. Indeed, they insist that Christianity is the only legitimate religion of the world. Hogwash, I say!

I‘m aware that extremist Muslims insist that Islam is the only true religion of Allah, too. But the Muslims don’t really seem to be at war with the African Culture, not like the Pentecostal Christian fools in Africa today. And when I say Africa, I must mention that it is disgracefully championed by Pentecostals in my own country of origin, Nigeria, in West Africa. The gist of this treatise is that all Godly African religions are as legitimate as Christianity, and Godlier or more righteous, too! I’ll tell you why, soon enough. Furthermore, I insist that the other Godly religions of the world are as legitimate as the prominent duo of Christianity and Islam, maybe even better. I will also expatiate on my highlighted word, ‘Godly,’ as we go on. I will make more sense to you with this position, than the bunch of rubbish that the anti-AfroReligion fools make when they demonize our culture. Their views have a stench of ignorance all over them. Some are completely full of rubbish; hence, they stink of ignorant-rubbish to me!

Like I said, I listened to such ignorant rubbish last night, and I instantly decided to start this short miniseries on that subject. I want to talk about the legitimacy of the African Traditional Religions. One thing is common among all religions of the world. Each claims to be sanctioned as the legitimate one, by The Lord Himself. Here’s my objective response: Whosoever that professes to worship the Almighty God has one fundamental requirement to fulfill. The requirement is to worship God in truth, and in the knowledge of the will of God. And, of course, you try your best to follow His will, period! The guide to that knowledge of God’s will is His Ten Commandments, which He issued long before Christianity, Islam, and most of today’s religions were born. Here is the gist of this piece, which concludes the theme of this treatise: I don’t give a hoot what religion you subscribe to, you only get to heaven by following God’s Commandments. The mere mention that one is a Christian or a Muslim can’t get one anywhere near heaven, period!!!

I am only revisiting this topic, mind you. I’ve done it before on Facebook and other platforms, and on “No Bullshitting” site on the 22nd day of August 2022. Now, it is here on our site. I did a story on the ongoing attempt by some foreign forces to terminate the entire African Culture. I posited that the strongest foreign culprit is Christianity, as practiced by a new wave of ignorant, unpatriotic African Pentecostal Christians. Whenever I get into this topic, I quickly declare that I’m a Christian myself. I want it understood that I have no problem with Christianity. My problem is some fools who practice it in the contemporary times, especially in the new wave commercialized Pentecostal Church.

They are grossly misinterpreting the Holy Bible to grow their Church businesses, where they amass evil wealth. The African Culture has become their victim in one of their methods to pursue the evil wealth! This time I want to take the argument one notch higher. In particular, I will revisit my view on the ongoing attempt by Nigeria’s new-wave Pentecostal Christians to ensure the complete extinction of Africa’s Cultural Traditions. The traditional religions of Africa are receiving a good chunk of the extinction-blows. To achieve their stupid goal, they are heightening the propagation of the historical demonization of African religions by the ‘white man’ and Christianity. It is my sad observation that this ugly trend is prevalent in my own tribe, among the Igbo people of the southeastern region of Nigeria.

I start with a pertinent controversial question—Does Christianity (or any other religion) have monopoly of right of way to God? In other words, is Christianity the only religion in the world that truly worships God? Naturally, the same question goes about Islam and the extremist beliefs of some Muslims. Not to forget or belittle other hundreds of religions in the world. I investigated the controversy of the legitimacy of the African religions, in particular. That was in the 1990s. It was for a broadcast television project in the USA. I spoke with several people of varying religious, racial, and social backgrounds in various parts of the world.

Before I say another word, I must give credit to Houston Arts Council, in Houston, Texas, USA. I do this for two reasons. One is to appreciate the Council and give it credit for funding the project, under intercultural exchange, in promotion of the African Culture. My second reason is to make the point that a predominantly white organization sponsored the promotion of the African Culture. While, on the other hand, idiotic Africans are demonizing and destroying that same culture of theirs, which the ‘white man’ is promoting. What an ignorance-ridden irony!!!

Anyway, this is where I suspend the series for now. Edition 2 will take us through my journey around the world, well, many parts of it at least,  in search of various views. Until then, please remind yourself to be more tolerant and more objective in your views of the world. It’s a fact that none of us mortals can really say, for sure, that our own religion is the preferred one by God. No sir, no ma’am! Besides, true relationship with God is not much about your religion. It’s mostly about your own personal spiritual relationship with God, which is determined by your righteousness, period!!!

By the end of this series, I will take you through the worship of the same Almighty God in the African traditional way, and you’d be the judge.

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