June 2023


They say that a picture speaks a thousand words.  Then, this is one of those situations when  there is no need for too many words. The introduction of the following motion-pictures presentation of three minutes has about 4,500 words, which speak all the volume that you need to see and hear.  Uum huh! And I’ll tell you how I came up with that number of pictures, pronto!

In motion-pictures language, one picture or still photograph is called one frame. Generally, it takes 24 to 30 frames (still photographs/pictures) to configure one second of motion-pictures. I am using 25 frames per-second standard. This means that 60 seconds (one minute) of the following motion-pictures contains 60 X 25 = 1,500 frames (still photographs) in one minute. Meaning that the following almost three minutes presentation contains almost 1,500 X 3 still photographs or ‘pictures.’ This amounts to almost 4,500 still photographs, or pictures, which are in sequence to produce the “illusion of motion.” The detail of the “configuration” process that creates the illusion is story for another day.

Well, all that, just to tell you that the following motion-pictures presentation speaks for itself and needs no long introduction. But then, what I have said is part of what we call titbits, isn’t it? We give you little pieces of information as we bring you AfroCultural entertainment. We call it AfroCultural InfoTainment. So, here is our 4,500-words of Beauty-Dancer of West-Africa:

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