May 30, 2022

Afro-Scope Presents:


Greetings, folks!

This is Afro-Scope, and I am Harry Agina, proudly introducing a Little Dance-Princess, is Afro-Scope Dancer of the year 2021. Greetings, folks! You’re welcome to a couple of minutes of fun. You look at the following pretty little angel and tell me if you don’t fall in love with her, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I will pose a teaser in my Nigerian Pidgin-English, thus: If you think say you no dey hear word, make you try challenge this little angel wey dey for the video wey dey come soon, make I see. Na him be Afro-Scope Dancer of the year 2021, meeeeeeeeen!!!

That’s for my Nigerian readers, indeed, my West African readers. It translates to, “If you think that you are so tough, go ahead and challenge the little angel in the following video, let’s see you try. She is Afro-Scope Dancer of the year 2021, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Actually, the joke behind the above teaser, is more pronounced to those who understand the Pidgin-English version, than the pure-English translation. If you ever read one of my writings on trans-linguistic imperfection, or inperfection in translation between languages, then this is one classic example. My trans-linguistic imperfection theory insists that when a passage of communication in spoken or written words is translated from one language to another, it is absolutely impossible for the translation to be perfect. In this case, the little nuances that make the Pidgin-English a joke and fun, are missing from the pure-English translation. If you missed my writings and vlogs (video blogs) on trans-linguistic flaws; not to worry. One of them, the vlog is just a click away. My commentary is on misguided Christianity, which is possibly due to trans-linguistic flaws in the Holy Bible, thus:

This is where I remind my non-African readers that NBB has a purpose when we give you some AfroCultural titbits. It is called Bridging Inter-Cultural Gap. I want you to learn few things about the African people. In this case, I feel that understanding bits and pieces of Pidgin-English ain’t bad at all. If you take just a little time to look or listen closely, you’ll see that you can actually understand much of the original Pidgin-English version of the above statement. It’s a hybrid of English grammar and some African lingo.

Anyway, let’s get back to our subject matter. And, without further ado, here comes the No Bullshitting Dance-Princes for the year 2021:

Now, seriously, tell me; do you love that little angel, or don’t ya? Please, don’t’ answer in the negative because I would have to wonder if…? Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaah!!!


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