First published in July 19, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)




Folks, I was as happy as a lark when I heard on July 8, 2022, the news release on which this blog is based. I am still as happy as a lark even now, as I introduce the topic to you. Umm huh! I did actually introduce it at the end of my last edition of “1001 Reasons Why Nigerians Must Reject APC and Bola Tinubu In 2023 Elections.” Yes, sir, yes, ma’am! I could kiss the entire members of a group of youths in northern Nigeria right now, if only I could reach them. I mean, I really wanno kiss every single one of them, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! I had thought that Nigeria is virtually dead already. I was sure that she has been murdered by ethno-religious hatred between Muslims and Christians, and between the northern tribes and southern tribes. But some emerging groups in the north now give me a little hope that Nigeria may not be quite dead after all, not yet. There may actually be a little hope left to save Nigeria from President Buhari’s eight-years destruction of the nation’s unity, meeeeeeen!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Harry is rambling on and on again. I need to ‘cut to the chase,’ and tell you what the fuck I’m blabbing about already; right? You want to know already who the fuck I want to kiss, and why; right? Okay then, not a problem! I will tell ya, pronto! Mind you, I already said it in my titling, anyway. We are only talking about embellishment here. And, I tell ya, I love the “Arewa Youths Progressive Alliance (AYPA)” of northern Nigeria; that’s who! I wanno kiss them all because they openly denounced ethno-religious disunity in Nigeria, that’s why! They denounced the evil politicians in the north, who have been dividing Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines, for their evil personal gains, meeeeeeen!!!

One such motherfucking divisive politician is Rabiu Kwankwaso, a former governor of Kano State, in northern Nigerian. Kwankwaso had declared in an interview a couple of weeks back, that “northerners will only vote for northern candidates in 2023.” In the referenced AYPA news release, its spokesman, Alhaji Sambo Galadima, lambasted Kwankwaso. “The North is neither anti-progress nor xenophobic against other Nigerians,” said Galadima. “Kwankwaso misrepresents and disrespects the North. Galadima and his group declared that Northerners are good people. But desperate northern politicians want to divide Nigeria by all means, for their self-serving gains.

“Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso’s utterances portrays the North as retrogressive,” Galadima continued. “He implies that the average Northern voter is insensitive and unconcerned about the sufferings of Nigerians. He implies that we are not aware of the high rate of insecurity and economic woes bedeviling Nigeria. Kwankwaso implies that we are only concerned about having ‘fellow Northerner’ and ‘fellow Muslim’ perpetuate themselves in power. It is an insult on the north.”

Folks, that pronouncement by Sambo Galadima is a pure delight! It’s one of the best things that I have read in a long time! It means that Northern Nigerian youths are coming of age in politics. They are now aware that the problem of Nigeria is neither our religious differences, nor due to our ethnic diversities. They now understand that our problem is bad persons, and bad persons are within each and every religion and every tribe. The youths now understand that bad politicians in all the religions and all the tribes, clash Nigerians along ethno-religious lines. And, what is more, the motherfuckers do all this for their evil personal gains, meeeeeeeen!!!

By their recent declaration, the Arewa youths have also sent a very important message to the evil politicians in their region. The youths have virtually told the crooks that the youths’ days as willing thugs for the election-rigging mayhem of evil politicians are over. Yes indeed, the northern youths are now waking up to the devilish divide-and-rule machinations of bad politicians. The evil happens both in northern and southern Nigeria. So, I would love to hear southern youths with similar declaration that will match the position of their northern counterparts on this matter, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Thrice or more upon some blogs, I commented on the fact that Nigeria’s ethno-religious differences are not the true problem that is destroying Nigeria. Most Nigerians know that evil Nigerian politicians in the religions and the tribes across the country are our problem. Religions and tribes are mere inanimate human concepts. On their own, mosques and church building ain’t got no fucking ability to do shit, I always say! It is bad people who use those concepts for their evil divide-and-rule machinations, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Finally, I’ve got to tell you why I love the revolutionary position of the Arewa Youths Progressive Alliance (AYPA) so much. It is a great response to the recent insensitive move by Bola Tinubu. He is the candidate of the ruling APC political party in Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election, who is counting on evil religious divide-and-rule to win the election. Tinubu had the divisive audacity to present a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket to Nigerians, in this trying time of religious tension! He apparently wants to continue from where Buhari is leaving off, in the destructive Islamization of Nigeria. Many Nigerians, especially southern Nigerians, would strongly reject and resist any such Islamization. Hence, Tinubu’s presidency, if it should ever happen (God forbid), would likely split Nigeria into two or three countries! The ailing old motherfucking drug lord would burry Nigeria with religious bigotry and persecution of Christians, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Tinubu is a southern Nigerian Muslim; and Kwankwaso is a northern Muslim. Tinubu is on his evil electioneering message of disunity through Islamization. And then, he offers us a senile defense that his wife is a Christian. And that makes everything okay for Christians to accept Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket. I’m like, What the fuck does it matter, even if his wife was the pope, huh? Is his wife gonno be our fucking vice president? How does his wife’s Christianity douse the fear of Nigerian Christians about Islamization? For crying fucking loud, why the fuck can’t this dumb old ailing man realize the evil that he is doing? Doesn’t he realize that he is further heating up the already religiously-boiling polity, which he claims to want to revive? If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times that that motherfucker only knows politics of thuggery and murderous election-rigging. His acclaimed political savviness is all hogwash! Tinubu in political environment without election-rigging is like a fish thrown out of water. His demise in the current environment of electoral reform is guaranteed, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And then, Kwankwaso complements Tinubu with his own evil divisive electioneering comment. Unaware of the ongoing revolution, Kwankwaso believes that his northern Nigerian people will only vote for northern politicians. It’s so wonderful, therefore, that some northern Youths have finally decided to stand up against the machinations of such evil self-serving divide-and-rule politicians. And once again, I pray that southern youths will complement their northern counterparts, for swell 2023 elections. This will save Nigeria from the hands of crooks. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeen!!!



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