October 18, 2022



Alas, a man that I respected in Nigeria has just lost that respect. I speak of Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of Nigeria’s opposition party, the PDP. I loved Atiku because he has been presenting himself as an ethno-religious unifier. He claims that he has no divisive tribalistic tendencies. I believed and loved him for that disposition. But recently, Atiku’s actions have gradually been making me to doubt his sincerity. Now, doubts have been confirmed, and the straw that broke the camel’s back was his recent statements in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. He has shown himself as a divisive tribalistic hypocrite, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I will start this commentary with an excerpt of one of my previous blogs where I expressed my waning trust in Atiku as a detribalized, just, and fair man. “President Buhari empowered and continues to support the jihadists among the Fulani race to massacre and displace indigenous Nigerians from their land. How do Nigerians know that Atiku Abubakar, Buhari’s Fulani kin, will not do worse than Buhari in Fulanizing Nigeria if he becomes president in 2023? He most likely will! He has already shown a couple of signs. The latest is his acceptance and justification of the injustice of the PDP leadership to southern Nigeria. They have allocated all the key leadership positions to northern Nigeria.” The title of that blog was, “If Peter Obi can be blamed for the wrongs of few people of his tribe, then the same goes for the PDP candidate, Atiku Abubakar.”

I condemned Atiku in that commentary, and I gave my reason for my loss of confidence in him. I poked holes in the claim that he is a detribalized pan-Nigerian, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! His designated spokesmen were playing the evil divisive ethno-religious game in their election campaign, and he didn’t call them to order. So, I said that he obviously endorses whatever that they say! Such divisive acts of Nigerian politicians have contributed immensely to the destruction of Nigeria. And I hate anyone who is part of it with a passion. “Atiku cannot continue to pretend that he is not a tribal bigot, when his spokesmen are out there selling him as one,” I concluded.

This time, it is no longer about Atiku’s spokesmen selling him as a tribalistic bigot. He has now proven my postulations, which were based on the words of his representatives. Going by his own words in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, last weekend, Atiku is really tribalistic, period! He obviously endorsed all the divisive comments of his spokesmen. The man allowed himself to be suckered into showing his true tribalistic and regional color when he was asked some regional questions. He was so desperate to win northern Nigerian votes in 2023, that he truly fucked up, big time! Too many of his words in that gathering were sectional, in favor of the northern region.

I have heard Atiku’s apologists and spokespersons such as one Don Pedro Obaseke frantically defending Atiku’s indefensible divisive words. Their attempts to restructure and justify Atiku’s words amount to a bunch of bullshit. Obaseke and co tend to insult the intelligence of Nigerians when they claim that we are quoting Atiku out of context. I’m like, motherfuckers, stop talking down on us as if we’re all idiots, and you’re the intelligent ones. You’re only being smart without being clever! You’re pieces of shit when compared to my intelligence and the intelligence of millions of other Nigerians, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Nigerians do know what we heard from the horse’s mouth, and many Nigerians are complaining about the horse’s vomit. Governor Wike, Atiku’s co-PDP-chieftain, used my words, thus: “I wonder why the people who package Atiku allow him to make such statements.” Just like I, Wike was saying that Atiku’s handlers should teach him how to campaign as a democrat. They shouldn’t wait to do some insulting nonsensical damage control after he has vomited a bunch of shit! No amount of fancy damage-control bullshit from the horse’s apologists can change the shit that came out of the horse’s mouth! Atiku the goofy pretender went as far as saying that “northerners don’t need a president from the Igbo tribe or the Yoruba tribe. You need me, your fellow northerner.”

Atiku completely forgets that he won’t become president even if he wins the votes of the entire north without southern votes. Mind you, so much of Atiku’s ethno-religious vomit in Kaduna last weekend is clearly forbidden by the nation’s electoral law. Some provisions of the law clearly state that candidates must not indulge in divisive ethno-religious statements. Candidates are supposed to rely on the presentation of their integrity and leadership capacities to win elections. Now, check this out, Atiku’s comments also go against the spirit of the façade that they call Election Peace Accord, which was signed by candidates a few weeks ago. And, as usual, the so-called elder statesmen who broker the accord every four years haven’t said a word to admonish Atiku. If you missed my commentaries on the quadrennial charade called Peace Accord, I have the link to parts 1 and 2 for you at the end of this blog.

My second referenced condemnation of Atiku in my past blogs was for his display of unjust characteristic. His acceptance of the injustice by PDP’s leadership to southern Nigeria is quite unbecoming of a man who claims to be fair and just. I condemned him for his cunning and hypocritical support to Iyorchia Ayu to continue as PDP’s national chairman. Atiku is a northern Nigerian, and Iyorchia Ayu is also a northerner. Atiku supports Ayu to retain his chairmanship position. This clearly violates their PDP constitution, which stipulates that, for equity, the chairman and president (or presidential candidate) must not be from the same side of the north-south divide. I stated, and still maintain that Atiku is not truly as equitable and fair as he has been touted to be. If he was, he would have influenced Ayu to step down for a chairman of southern extraction. Meanwhile, Atiku and his PDP unjust leadership gang continue to play their hypocritical game of injustice. In their hypocrisy, they conveniently cite other PDP constitutional provisions to keep Ayu in office. They undermine the most important provision of the constitution, which prohibits injustice. As their major antagonist, Governor Wike, consistently tries to remind them, seeking peace in the party without justice is as evil as evil can ever come! Atiku is certainly not a man to be trusted to lead Nigeria with equity and justice, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

In another past commentary, I did also refer to a previous event that portrayed Atiku Abubakar as a man who cannot be trusted. Even if he has any good in him, he is easily swayed by bad influences! Umm huh! In my referenced incident, extremist Muslims, and the few bad members of the Fulani oligarchy influenced him to expose his character weakness. I speak of Atiku’s display of a terrible flip-flop or unstable character in May 2022. An innocent undergraduate young lady was murdered in northern Nigeria by an evil mob of extremist Muslims. The student, Deborah Samuel, was beaten to death and set ablaze on May 12, 2022, by a satanic mob with the evil flimsy accusation of blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad.

Like millions of well-meaning Nigerians, Atiku promptly condemned the senseless killing. And then, an evil radical extremist Islamic group condemned Atiku for condemning the evil killing. The group threatened not to support his presidential bid. Alas, Atiku quickly pulled down his condemnation of the killing from his twitter handle. Atiku the pretender is easily willing to change on issues that matter to all Nigerians as soon as his evil northern influencers question his position. He chose to obey a group that supports the evil murder of an innocent girl, rather than firmly stand for justice! So, like President Buhari, Atiku may not mind the massacre of Nigerians by Fulani terrorists, if it serves his selfish purpose. If he does win in 2023, he may start to fight terrorism as he is currently promising in his campaign. But apparently, if the Fulani jihadists threaten not to support his re-election, he may allow them to continue massacring Nigerians! He has displayed this tendency by obeying Islamic extremists who murdered a girl, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

The recurring pertinent question is: Is this the kind of flaky (unstable) president that Nigeria needs?  The answer, of course, is, hell fucking no!!! He may be worse than Buhari who has destroyed Nigeria with few Fulani oligarchs. Buhari has supported few Fulani jihadist terrorists who massacre Nigerians with impunity. Note that, as always, I avoid stereotyping the majority good people of the Fulani race and the good Muslims of Nigeria, by underlining the word ‘few.’ Also as always, I must mention that there are such evil people in every tribe, including my own Igbo tribe!

Anyway, from what I can see now, the difference between APC’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, and PDP’s candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is Atiku’s hypocrisy. Atiku has been claiming to be an ethno-religious bridge-builder and unifier. Now he is gradually exposing who he really is—just another divisive northern Fulani Muslim. He wants to clash Nigerians with ethnicity, just so that he may win the presidency. Tinubu, on the other hand, is too stupidly arrogant to pretend! He declares his divisive ethno-religious disposition with impunity. He has made it clear that he, I quote, “will continue Buhari’s legacy,” which includes Islamization of Nigeria. This, he has matched with action by defiantly picking his fellow Muslim as running mate, amid resounding rejection by Nigerians. Furthermore, his running mate, Kashim Shetima, has declared their satanic plot to persecute and victimize the people of the Igbo race if they win the presidency. This plot was exposed by a famous Nigerian musician, Mr. Paul Okoye. Paul’s revelation is in the words of Shetima himself. It’s neither a gossip nor a rumor. He obviously didn’t know that his evil conversation with another man was being recorded. I promptly blogged about it, with the evidence, too. If you missed it, I have the link for you at the end of this blog.

Finally, I want to state the fact that, of the three frontrunners in Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election, Labor Party’s Peter Obi is the only one that is not tainted by religious bigotry or clannishness. God knows that I am not saying this because he is an Igbo man like me. It is a fact that I know, for now, and objectively so! I have not even decided to take a stand to work for Obi’s presidency. If, and when I decide to become Harry Agina the media campaign expert that I am, my style will be different. Instead of ‘Mr. No Bullshitting,’ the objective social critic, I will be Harry Agina, the supporter of Peter Obi. I will become more forthright in supporting him with specific campaign productions of various kinds, including and especially Motion Picture productions and Radio jingles

For now, I am just being a sincere, objective, unbiased social critic, which No Bullshitting is all about. Yes indeed, Obi is the only sensible and democratic campaigner among the three frontrunners. The rest are truly full of shit! I truly love the fact that Obi is sensibly nice in his responses to stupid divisive verbal attacks by Tinubu and Atiku and their idiotic spokesmen. He is the only one who understands that Nigeria’s electoral system has finally changed, from rigging to the democratic art of wooing Nigerians to love the candidate, to truly win votes. He is the only one who I have not caught with stupid or divisive comments. Just try and give my treatise an objective thought, and you will most likely agree that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!








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