July 13, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)



July 13, 2022


Greetings, folks!

Welcome to NBB’s series on “1001 Reasons Why Nigerians Must Reject APC candidates in 2023 General Elections.” This is part 5. If you missed the previous four, not to worry. I’ll have the link to part 1 at the end of this for ya. Then you will be linked to the rest as you go.

“It is all about winning the election; so, you must do whatever it takes to win the election.” Those words comprise the position of Nigeria’s ruling political party, the APC, the den of rogues. And, the party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, is proud and bold to announce this position in his ongoing electioneering. If you ask me, or even if you refuse to ask me, I am still telling ya, such evil disposition should be declared as treasonable, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Tinubu has finally chosen his running mate for the 2023 presidential race. His choice is an ex-governor of Bornu State in northern Nigeria, Ali Shetima. Like Tinubu, Shetima is a Muslim. And this is a country where the Muslim incumbent president has destroyed the unity of the people with his religious bigotry-cum-favoritism. Nigerians are resoundingly kicking against a presidency run by Muslim president and Muslim deputy. But Tinubu doesn’t give a fuck! He disdainfully virtually tells us that we’re talking rubbish. He tells us that it’s all about winning the election. It doesn’t matter to him that he is further tearing Nigeria apart, meeeeeeeeen!!!

For crying fucking loud, Tinubu is aware that APC’s President Buhari has achieved his long pre-presidency plot to destroy Nigeria with Fulanization and Islamization. His most lethal tool has been his devilish, destructive ethno-religious bigotry-cum-clannishness. Now, we have Bola Tinubu, a known crook with a huge baggage of crime-indictments, who is fighting to take over and nail the coffin of Nigeria. Despite his commonly-known ailing health and his old age, the chronic-liar called Tinubu is fighting tooth-and-nail to rule Nigeria before he dies. The motherfucker deliriously believes that Nigerians owe him the seat of the president in 2023. “It is my turn,” he unequivocally declared to us, just like a senile old man. In a democracy, a man declares that he has the right to become president! Can you believe that if you didn’t see and hear it happening?!!! What else do you call such person, but senile, huh? After all, he is over 85 years old, and many people do get senile at his age. One thing is for sure about Tinubu and his quest—he will do whatever it takes to mount that set! And that can be quite dangerous in many ways, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

We have witnessed his first move of buying the presidential ticket a couple of weeks back, at the APC primary election. He allegedly spent tens of millions of US dollars to emerge as the “winner”! And now, the son of a gun is already demonstrating his disposition of impunity and bigotry to us. He’s trying to shove a Muslim-Muslim ticket, and a possible Muslim-Muslim presidency down our throat if he wins…God forbid!!! What is next—murderous rigging, vote-buying, or what? I ask because, except if Nigerians have all gone mad, Tinubu cannot possibly win the 2023 presidential election. He can only get there by hook-and-crook! But, hopefully, that’s no longer possible. Nigerians are no longer in the political dark days of vote-buying and murderous-rigging of elections.

But really, Tinubu has not even mounted the seat of presidency, and he is already showing us his color. He may be worse than Buhari in destroying Nigeria through religion. How self-destructively stupid can a man be anyway! He wants to win by all means possible, as he has openly declared. And he stupidly believes that a northern Muslim complementing him, a southern Muslim, will win him more votes than picking a northern Christian. He misguidedly believes that Nigerians will continue to accept the evil divide-and-rule machinations of politicians like him forever, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Tinubu is too delirious to ‘wake up and smell the coffee,’ as they say. He is too entrenched in his Jagabanish election-thuggery, rigging, and vote-buying of the immediate past. He has not realized that, with the 2022 electoral reform, the dawn of the days when votes count, is here. He still believes that he can buy the 2023 presidential seat with his smelly money. And this is the man who is called an ingenious politician, the Jagaban? Why? I don’t even know the meaning of “Jagaban,” but it sounds very gigantic and bombastic. How did he earn such gigantic title if he has been so dumb in making self-destructive decisions, huh?

My answer to my own question is simple. Obviously, Tinubu’s tool in political trade all this while has been his mastery of the ‘art’ of thuggery, murderous election-rigging, and impunity. He is obviously not a master of the democratic art of image-based and competency-based politics. Every idiot knows that the last thing that Nigeria needs in 2023 is a presidency comprising all Muslims. And, it shouldn’t be the presidency of just Christians either. The 2023 presidency must be ready to repair the evil damage that Buhari has done to the ethno-religious unity of Nigeria in the past seven years. We don’t need another destructive bigot like Amed Tinubu to succeed the outgoing bigot who damaged Nigeria. How the fuck did Tinubu earn the “Jagaban,” huh? He doesn’t seem to me to possess the savviness after all. He lacks the capacity to be sensitive to the yearnings of the people who he is trying to rule in a democracy, in order to woo their votes! It is clear to Nigerians now why Tinubu did nothing, as the APC National Leader, when Buhari was destroying Nigeria. The two are of the same destructive stock of ethno-religious bigots, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

More than once upon some blogs, I stated my general observations about elections and electioneering in Nigeria. One of my positions was/is that majority of Nigerian politicians ain’t got no fucking idea what democratic electioneering is all about. All that they know is the ‘art’ of murdering Nigerians to rig elections, period! I mean, why should a man like Ahmed Tinubu bother to know about the art of image-making to win elections, huh? This involves pleasing and “begging” voters to vote for him out of love. He is too big to try to please or beg anybody for anything. After all, he is the Jagaban! His highly controversial billions of dollars can buy him anything that he wants. It has already bought him the enslavement of too many people of Lagos state and other Yoruba-land regions in southern Nigeria. He has the favor-induced hypocritical ‘loyalty’ of some, and hunger-cum-ignorance-induced hypocritical loyalty of others, meeeeeeeen!!!

It is not a fallacy to say that Tinubu has always been able to buy or steal votes all his political life through election-rigging. So, he knows nothing about the image-making approach to electioneering or election. He doesn’t give a damn about what people feel when he makes his moves. The people’s votes didn’t ever count for so long; so, no need to please the people. The same mentality goes for a majority of Nigeria’s political publicists and media practitioners. They ain’t got no fucking idea about true democracy, nor what democratic image-making electioneering is all about. They have been practicing in an evil environment where there was no need to please the electorate through image-making. Election-rigging did all that stuff for politicians. Essentially, Nigerians have hitherto been a conquered people who did not need any placating, for any reason.

So, practitioners in this political environment are not good at packaging their principals when they get the job of publicist, or image-laundering/making. I recently commented on this fact. That was when one of Tinubu’s so-called image-makers or spokesmen started selling him with their fucked-up Vote for Muslim evil divisive bullshit. Now, Tinubu has dug his political grave by actually presenting a Muslim-president-Muslim-deputy ticket to Nigerians for the 2023 election. I bring up the rigging-induced dearth of professionalism in democratic electioneering again for a purpose. It happened again this very morning. Umm huh, Tinubu and his APC party demonstrated it this morning. They sent a hypocritical, unschooled, son of the sinful Adam and Eve, to defend Tinubu’s fucked-up Muslim-Muslim presidential ticked on TV. He appeared on the “Kakaaki Morning Show” today on the Nigerian AIT station.

Boy-o-boy! I always say that, very often, it’s not making an error in politics or anything else that is actually bad; having idiots to defend or launder that error, is often worse. Yes, indeed! I’m talking about one dumb-ass Bejamine Ogbalor, who APC sent to a TV talk show to defend absolute injustice. He had no fucking idea what to say, and so, he was stuttering all the way through the conversation. He was fumbling, in vain, for words to defend Bola Tinubu’s atrocious religious bigotry in his choice of a running mate. It was a pure delight to watch the opposition PDP’s spokesman, Kola Ologbondiyan, tearing the motherfucking Ogbalor dude to shreds in argument. Ogbalor was trying to defend the indefensible. And it was very obvious that even he did not believe all the divisive undemocratic bullshit that he was vomiting. He was trying in vain to defend Tinubu’s destructive religious bigotry, meeeeeeeeen!!!

But, guess what; Tinubu’s foul-up actually makes me happy, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! I truly don’t want Tinubu to become Nigeria’s president, for the right and objective reasons that he is an ailing old man with a huge terrible integrity baggage. Now, with his terribly divisive choice of his fellow Muslim as his running mate, it’s almost guaranteed that he has lost. That makes me happy. Recall, if you knew it; if not, I wanno introduce to you the saying that When the gods want to kill a man, they first make him mad.” That’s exactly what has happened to Tinubu. The gods want to kill his lifetime mischievous political ambition. So, they have made him mad not to recognize his huge error in picking running mate.

Sadly, the dude does not understand that the era of thuggery and election-rigging with impunity in Nigeria’s politics is over. He refuses to change with the time because he is too old and too-set in his bad ways. So, in his impunity-controlled mindset, he didn’t give a fuck what Nigerians feel, as he picked a fellow Muslim as his running mate. I mean, the dude knows that Nigerians are angry about President Buhari’s evil destructive ethno-religious disposition. Yet, he is too arrogant and too disdainful to give a damn!

I will conclude with a warning to Nigerians to watch out for Tinubu’s rigging plot in 2023. The man must have a plan to rig the election. Otherwise, he wouldn’t insult the sensibilities of Nigerians with such disdainful impunity in choosing his running mate, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Next, on “No Bullshitting”: All Hail The “Arewa Youths Progressive Alliance (AYPA)” of northern Nigeria. “Northerners are good people. But our desperate politicians want to divide Nigeria by all means, for their self-serving gains.”. That’s the position of AYPA. They are truly progressive, indeed! I am looking forward to the effect of their revolutionary position on the Muslim divide-and-rule presidential bid of APC’s Bola Tinubu.

Coming your way in the next post!



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