First published November 26, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)



This is No Bullshitting, by Harry Agina.


Nigeria’s 2023 presidential race in West Africa is not news. And keen observers of that race around the world do know about the faceoff between a frontrunning candidate, Atiku Abubakar, and his PDP party members. We also know that those members are fighting for equity and justice in Nigeria, while Atiku stands for inequity and injustice! I am giving you a synopsis of my past commentaries on Atiku’s poor integrity from different perspectives. This commentary is part 2 of one of my perspectives on it. I am affirming my position that Atiku has been selling a ‘dummy’ to Nigerians when he claims that he is a man of integrity. He has been lying to us when he claims that he is a competent, liberal, and detribalized man who wants to unify and prosper Nigeria, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

My point of attack today is my subtitle 2 above, as I address Governor Wike’s latest arsenal against Atiku—subtitle number one. I am continuing with my disappointment with Nigerians who support or try to launder Atiku’s sense of injustice and inequity. Unfortunately, this commentary was inspired by the same dude who inspired my last but one commentary on the matter. I speak about Don Pedro Obaseke, one of Atiku Abubakar’s image launderers. It’s important that I explain why I pick on Obaseke and his kind. As a social critic, I consider myself a bridge between the American democracy where I grew up and live, and the evil demo-crazy in my country of origin, Nigeria. I pick on Obaseke (and his kind) only because he is undemocratic. He throws tantrums and insult Nigerians whenever he is trying to defend the indefensible sense of injustice and inequity of Atiku Abubakar. I wouldn’t pick on him if he was sensible and decent in trying to do the work that he is paid to do as a propagandist. Of all people in the world, I should know that it’s not possible for all Nigerians to either support, or disagree, with any candidate—impossi-can’t!

So, yes, I do understand that Atiku must have people like Obaseke to work for him, for various reasons, especially to make a living. For analogy, murderers, armed robbers, and other criminals do get defended by lawyers. So, it doesn’t matter how much I now dislike the new sectional divisive Atiku who I only recently discovered. I still recognize that he must have supporters. Even the devil himself has supporters! Indeed, the devil who I see among all the presidential candidates, is Bola Tinubu of the ruling APC party. And even he does have Nigerians who are rooting for him to be the president in 2023. Such Nigerians don’t give a damn that Tinubu is a proven criminal. They don’t care that he is very old man who is clearly, seriously ailing in health, both physically and mentally! It saddens and annoys me that unbelievable number of Nigerians profess that they want this dying crook to become president. Even worse, is that Nigerians don’t mind that Tinubu is the National Leader of the same APC party that President Buhari has used to destroy Nigeria! But hey, that’s humanity for you, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Sometimes I do veer away a little from my sense of objectivity and get angry over the mentality of such Nigerians. I get so angry that they want Nigeria to remain in her present hellish condition. I am angry that such people want the destructive APC ruling political party to continue in power. I am angry because voting for Tinubu who has vowed repeatedly to continue Buhari’s destruction-legacy is stupid. In my weak moments, such Nigerians infuriate me. But I usually quickly recover when the conscience of No Bullshitting ‘Objectivity-cum-Sincerity’ motto hits my mind back to my objectivity-senses.

Now back to Atiku Abubakar. The man refuses to practice the ethno-religious equity that he hypocritically sells as his electioneering mantra. But it’s fine by me if Obaseke wants to work for him, because he must make a living somehow, and every candidate must have supporters. I would never blame Obaseke or anyone else for trying to launder Atiku’s character failure. My problem with Obaseke and his kind is that they do not have the right temperament for democratic electioneering. They are too unprofessionally quick to lose their cool when Nigerians disagree with some rubbish that they peddle. And they often insult Nigerians when this happens; foolishly so, I must add, because they can no longer rig elections. Hence, Nigerians can now weed them out of leadership for their stupid autocratic characters/attitudes in a democracy.

You know, at the time of my last commentary, I did believe that Atiku would soon wake up and realize how politically idiotic it is to continue to support injustice and poor integrity. His northern gang and he, supported by southerners who many consider to be traitors, are still hypocritically tying to justify inequity and injustice against southern Nigeria. They insist that Ayu who is a northern Nigerian must stay as PDP chairman. This maintains the injustice of north-against-south lopsidedness in the party’s leadership. Governor Wike and his southern “integrity team” refuse to accept the evil injustice. I stand behind them, all the way! And then the unjust crooks employ and deploy every means to condemn the “integrity group” because the integrity group refuses to “allow peace to reign in the party.” Arrant nonsense! The crooks peddle relatively nonsensical sections of PDP constitution to override more important sections of both PDP’s and Nigeria’s constitutions on equity and fairness. What a criminal madness, I say, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

The foregoing has been a summary of my general argument on Atiku Abubakar’s foolish sense of evil injustice in this series. Now, let’s get to the specific update that inspired this part 2. I speak of Governor Wike’s latest arsenal against Atiku’s poor integrity. Wike has just informed Nigerians, and reminded Atiku, how he (Atiku) sabotaged former President Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election. That was when Jonathan ran for second-term re-election as president. Wike alleges that Atiku schemed against Jonathan to lose the election. And Jonathan did lose the re-election bid. Mind you, I actually wanted Jonathan to lose his re-election bid myself. The man was a total fuck-up in many ways, including his widely and loudly whispered drunken nature and character weakness. Specifically, I will never forgive Jonathan for giving Buhari the instrument to destroy Nigeria. You must ask how, I know, and I will tell you, pronto!

Jonathan was too weak to implement his 2014 National Conference resolutions that would have restructured Nigeria’s political landscape for equity and justice for all sections of Nigeria. But the weak son of a gun was pressured and influenced by the Fulani oligarchs to abandon the resolutions. Failure to restructure Nigeria into true federalism for justice for all is why Nigeria has been destroyed. Buhari who succeeded Jonathan has been able to destroy the country with his evil clannishness, ethno-religious bigotry, and acute incompetence only because Jonathan did not implement his 2014 National Conference resolutions. So, as far as I am concerned, Jonathan’s drunken weakness destroyed Nigeria through President Buhari.

However, regardless of my beef with Jonathan, betrayal is betrayal! According to Wike, Atiku betrayed Jonathan, and that makes him evil, if it’s true. Based on this, Wike has presented his current actions to champion the rejection of Atiku as “the law of karma” in action. What Atiku schemed in 2015 against Jonathan is now haunting Atiku, says Wike. My commentary today was born because I heard Don Pedro Obaseke condemning Wike for raising the alleged 2015 betrayal by Atiku. He claimed in a TV interview that Wike has “just revealed that he was on a vendetta mission for President Jonathan all along.” He claimed that Wike has been “hiding under the quest for equity to execute his vendetta for Jonathan against Atiku.” What a silly, simplistic, infantile, immaturely convenient argument! Somebody, please lend me more befitting adjectives to qualify Obaseke’s bullshit, meeeeeeeeen!!!

First off, Wike would not have brought up the past Atiku betrayal if Atiku did the right thing for equity and justice this time. Secondly, Wike has been warning them all along, that the war would get messier if Atiku continues his display of zero integrity. Obaseke himself has shown that he would deploy worse arsenal if such a war was between him and anybody. Who the hell wouldn’t deploy their worst arsenal when a war gets tougher, huh?! If Wike “has been hiding under the chairmanship tussle” as Obaseke claims (a little paraphrased), so fucking what?! Do the right thing, and the “hiding” wouldn’t have even come up in the first place!

It is a fact that when some people lack constructive argument to defend their hypocritical positions, they get irrational due to pressure. Some, like Obaseke, often lose their cool and can’t hide their anger at all. For the second time within two weeks, the referenced recent TV interview exposed Obaseke to belong in this group of desperados who lose control and insult Nigerians. In his unprofessional anger, which is always obvious to me, he often gets too doggone rude and combative. Remember, any insult or disrespect to my Nigerians by any idiotic autocratic propagandist, insults what ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ the social critic stands for, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Simplistically, Obaseke sounded as though he doesn’t understand that arguments bring about historical references. I have always disagreed with a popular maxim that people should “forgive and forget” the sins of others. Forgive, yes; but forget, too? No fucking way! That’s nonsensical! Besides, that maxim is contradicted by another maxim, which says that “We can’t know where we are going if we forget where we came from.” I presume that Wike probably forgave Atiku’s 2015 betrayal. If Atiku embraced justice this time, Wike wouldn’t have continued the war. He would not have to bring up the past to establish Atiku’s lack of integrity. One of the stupid excuses that Atiku and PDP peddle is that “The change of chairman is too close to the coming elections. It will negatively affect the PDP,” they claim. Another bullshit, I say! Because we know that Ayu has no special talent or track record in political party chairmanship. There are gazillion southerners who are better equipped to chair PDP under any circumstance. If Ayu has anything to contribute, he should do so by working closely with the new chairman. That’s the right way to get “peace to reign.” Not their criminal ‘peace without justice’ way, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

According to Governor Wike’s previous exposé, Ayu’s only interest is to steal money in various ways. It’s not for any sincere interest of the party or Atiku’s presidential bid. Yeah, okay, somehow, the change of chairmanship must come with one or two relatively insignificant issues. The ‘beef that I grind’ here is the stupidity in the entire Atiku argument, which is devoid of any ‘sense of priority.’ In my book of priority, only an idiot, or a hypocrite with zero or low integrity can sincerely say that the excuses by Atiku against equity and justice make any sense! Umm huh, none of the excuses is sincere. I mean, how could Atiku sincerely believe that Chairman Iyorchia Ayu should not step down as chairman of PDP? We’re talking about the most important issues of integrity and equity for national unity here, people! And this is a man whose electioneering is built around “Integrity, unity, and equity for all sections of Nigeria.” But the political fool doesn’t even have the simple sense to show Nigerians now that we can trust his claim that he can unify Nigerians across religious and tribal divides.” You may want to follow the links below and read my past commentaries on this. You’re bound to see that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!







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