First published September 19, 2022

No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)



By the way, the now former governor Nyesom Wike is among the worst looting crooks of Nigeria’s public funds, often with deadly criminal impunity, too! But ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ hails even the devil himself if he does anything right or fights a good cause. So, we are with Wike on this issue, despite his terrible grandstanding criminal impunity.

Greetings, folks!

I have a problem today with Nigeria’s main political opposition party, the PDP. Its leadership is getting full of shit! Yes indeed, otherwise, they won’t be talking about peace without first taking care of any matter on equity, fairness, and justice, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

My titling already tells you that I’m talking about the feud between PDP and Governor Nyesom Wike of River State in south-south Nigeria. I’m not really interested in the root of the feud, which was PDP’s presidential primary-election last May. My interest is more in the north-south dichotomy conflict that emerged out of the primary-election. I’m talking about the injustice by northern Nigerian members of the PDP leadership to the south. That’s Governor Wike’s final bone of contention in the feud, and I stand behind him all the way!

The gist is that one Iyorchia Ayu was PDP chairman before its presidential primary-election of May 28 to 29, 2022. Ayu is a northern Nigerian. Before the election, there was a gentleman’s agreement, where Ayu promised to step down for a southerner, if a northerner emerged as the presidential candidate. At the primary, Wike, a southerner, among others, lost the primary to Atiku Abubakar, who is a northerner. With that, PDP has a northern presidential candidate, and a northern national chairman. Now, it’s time to honor the pre-primary agreement as honorable people do, but the dishorable Chairman Ayu refuses to step down as he had promised. He got even more atrociously dishonorable when he degenerated to abusive name-calling. In an infantile instance, the political fool said that Wike and the other governors who are asking him to stand for justice and step down, are children. I call him a political fool because he obviously knows nothing about democratic leadership. If he did, he wouldn’t utter such idiotic foul language, especially not when he is clearly in the wrong. Apparently, in Ayu’s fucked-up, degenerated world of zero integrity, only children fight against injustice, and adults are crooks, meeeeeeen!!!

Well, like Wike, I’m a child, too! I tell ya, rather than to grow into Ayu’s kind of evil adult with zero integrity, may I remain Wike’s kind of child ’til I die! Before you said Jack, Ayu and his unjust gang threw up some fucked-up constitutional excuses to renege on his word. A very pertinent question promptly jumped up on my mind. Was Ayu and his gang unaware of those PDP constitutional clauses when he promised to step down if a northerner became presidential candidate? Besides, the gang conveniently downplays a major section of their constitution as they highlight the section that suits their evil game! The constitution actually forbids the national chairman and the president (or presidential candidate in this case) to come from the same region of the country, meeeeeeen!!

You know, I don’t even wanno hear any bullshit about any constitution on this or any similar matter of injustice. I don’t give a damn what any constitution says! If it supports injustice, then amend the motherfucking unjust constitution, period! It’s totally evil when Nigerians dwell on what an unjust constitution says, rather than do what is right and just. They should simply amend the fucked-up constitution in the interest of justice, meeeeeeeen!!!

If some evil Nigerians wrote and enforced a constitution that allowed genocide yesteryears, evil Nigerians want to continue to commit genocide today! They want us to obey an ordinary document, as an excuse to continue injustice in Nigeria! “The constitution says this, the constitution says that.” That’s what I hear all over the fucking place when they want to play their evil politics. And I’m like, so, fucking what?! Who gives a fuck what an evil constitution says, huh? Where the is that “exigency” bullshit that I often hear Nigerian politicians talk about, huh? They only remember “exigency” when it suits their evil political games. Why the fuck hasn’t PDP applied “exigency” on whatever constitutional issue that is upholding this inequity and injustice? This is a good time for “exigency!” They should suspend or amend the constitutional provisions as a matter of emergency, for equity and justice!

What a democratically immature group of people! PDP sees a clear revolution against misrule and injustice going on in Nigeria. Yet, like the ruling APC party with its impunity, PDP apparently pretends not to understand that the revolution is on. They don’t understand that it is time for intelligent politicians to apply their best democratic behaviors, attitudes, and justice. They fail to understand that this is what would earn them the love of the people.

I had conversations on this matter with a couple of prominent PDP members, respectively. I queried Atiku Abubakar’s role in all this. One of the dudes brought up the matter of the supremacy of the party over the presidential candidate, Atiku. “Atiku’s hands are tied,” he argued. And I was like, fuck the party supremacy shit! If I was Atiku’s publicist, I would first ask him if he truly wants to be just. If yes, then I would strongly advise him to insist on immediate replacement of the northern PDP chairman with a southerner. I don’t give a fuck what they have to do to achieve this! I would go further and advise him on how to handle it to achieve a great political milage out of the bunch of shit going on.

If indeed Atiku wants justice, he has sincere ways to show it. I would advise him to tell PDP that he no longer wants to be the presidential candidate, if the leaders insist on retaining Ayu as chairman. Tell them that it is injustice, and he won’t support it. Tell them that it makes him to look like an unjust candidate, who would run an unjust government if he becomes president. I do have that fear about him now, which I never had before! I now doubt his integrity!

And guess what! If Atiku has the guts to threaten to withdraw his candidacy, PDP must bow to his will. I’ll tell you why, pronto! What the fuck would the PDP leadership do in such situation; get another candidate? It’s too late in the game for that, bro/sis! Atiku’s running mate would now have to replace him if he steps down. I believe that’s what Nigeria’s Electoral Act says. And if that should happen, a bigger crisis would surface. Atiku’s running mate is a southerner. If he suddenly emerges as the presidential candidate, a huge north-south dichotomy war would ensure.! I can tell ya, the Fulani oligarchy could go to war for that, meeeeeeen!!!

My point is that the unjust PDP leadership would submit to Atiku’s will, if he truly wants justice. It only takes a little bit of guts to get things done right in Nigeria! But we don’t have many men of integrity with such guts among our self-serving politicians! If I was Atiku’s publicist, and he wouldn’t listen to my advice as stated, I would quit the goddamn job. That’s the American way! And that’s why things are much better in America, than the fucked-up Nigerian society. I wouldn’t want to be part of a team that has to hypocritically defend any clear injustice that is done to any section of Nigeria. Yes, I am a southern Nigerian alright, but God knows that I would say exactly the same things that I have said here, if the south were unjust to the north, meeeeeeen!!!

Atiku was one of my few political heroes in Nigeria, as a Nigerian looking in from outside. My feelings about him were next to my fondness of Governor Nyesom Wike. That’s until this matter came up. Now, my fondness of Wike has shot up because he’s fighting against injustice. And my feelings for Atiku have shot down because he’s on the side of injustice. I have my standards for those few Nigerian politicians who I see as heroes of our currently oppressed democracy. My criteria include inter-tribal and inter-religious tolerance, performing leadership, and integrity. The first time that I learned about Atiku when I started frequenting Nigeria, he won my heart. Why? His pleasant disposition about ethno-religious relationship, that’s why! For one thing, the dude is a polygamous Hausa-Fulani, with wives from the four major tribes of Nigeria—Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and Fulani. He also has had wives from the two major religions—Christianity and Islam. In comparison, Atiku’s Fulani kin, President Buhari, would probably choose to be shot to death, rather than to marry an Igbo woman. Indeed, Buhari would probably choose to be shot, than to marry from any other tribe than his Fulani tribe.

So, Atiku already won my heart for that unifying disposition before I started hearing some allegations of corruption against him. But, corrupt or not, he truly seems to have a good heart. Now, my hero is supporting the injustice of allocating both the chairman and presidential candidate of PDP to the north. So, I suddenly have my doubts about his commitment to fairness, equity, and justice to all Nigerians if he becomes president. Maybe he will turn out to be another Buhari, with his own Fulanization and Islamization agenda. That’s what many Nigerians are now afraid of.

If I was Atiku’s publicist and he listened to my advice, I would teach him how to play the game to his great democratic advantage, thus: I would use the press and the media to gain popularity for him. I would blow his public affection sky-high with it. In a press conference, he would denounce the injustice, if PDP refuses to see his point. I would portray him as a man who would be just and fair to all Nigerians, if he becomes president. No wonder, he is already fighting his PDP party to uphold his position on justice! This move, most certainly, would earn him a couple of millions of Nigerian hearts, and the resultant votes in 2023. That’s a sample of the kind of democratic politics that most Nigerian politicians know nothing about. They grew up in military era, followed by a current demo-crazy with the tradition of election-rigging. So, they don’t know how to democratically win hearts and votes, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Unfortunately, the distrust and conflicts that are inherent in Nigeria’s north-south dichotomy, and Islam-Christianity dichotomy, have made things the way they are. Otherwise, why would Governor Wike, or anyone else be so keen on balancing power among the northern and southern members of PDP? Ultimately, the root of the entire political problems in Nigeria is our practice of demo-crazy, instead of democracy. In a true federal democracy, Governor Wike would not have to bother what geographical origin that the PDP chairman is. True federal democracy that Nigeria is supposed to be practicing, would vest power in institutions, and not the persons running them. This would mean, among other things, that PDP chairman cannot use his power for ethno-religious bigotry and evil clannishness. This is what President Buhari has done in his entire rulership of Nigeria, because we have demo-crazy instead of democracy.

Let’s face it, Ayu is presently insisting on continuing as PDP chairman for selfish interests. And Governor Wike is fighting Ayu because he knows what usually happens when any religion or tribe dominates a political party and its government. It spells doom for the other tribes and religions. The present evil Fulanization and Islamization reign of President Mohammadu Buhari is a clear case in point. QED!!! This brings me to the domineering antics of the Fulani oligarchy in Nigeria, which has its root in 1804. I have blogged about this several times. I have also always stated my standing position that, on its own, the pursuit of political control is not a crime. What makes it a sin and a crime, is breaking the law of the land as one plays the control game! Sometimes, the Fulani oligarchs in Nigeria do play some dirty games; and, sometimes, they do it the way that I believe to be okay. And, sometimes, they play it the unintelligent way. That’s what they are doing now in the feud between Governor Wike and PDP. The Fulani oligarchs in PDP want Wike to make peace, without addressing the injustice that Wike is fighting, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Matters like this remind me of the evil impunity of some northerners who insist that “One Nigeria is not negotiable.” They insist that “we must remain one-Nigeria,” but they also insist that there will never be equity and justice for all the Nigerians. The rest of Nigerians must remain slaves to the Fulani oligarchs. Please note that I keep talking about the few oligarchs, because the power control does not really benefit the ordinary Fulani masses, meeeeeeen!!!

The fact is that fair-minded, sensible, and sincere Nigerians, across all divides, agree with Wike on the matter of equity in the zoning of political offices. They also agree that the current chairman of PDP is a man of zero integrity, for reneging on his promise. He is violating his PDP constitution, which does state that there must be equity in the distribution of offices. So, I ask; what the fuck is the matter with the people who insist that Wike must back down? Such motherfuckers want “peace to reign in PDP,” but they are too evil to fight for justice first. Justice is a prerequisite for peace everywhere in the world, except in Nigeria, meeeeeeeen!!!

On September 9, 2022, I listened to one of PDP’s idiotic spokesmen on Africa Independent Television (AIT), speaking on this topic. If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times, that too many Nigerians ain’t got no fucking idea what democratic approach to politics is all about. They are too entrenched in autocratic governance. They know nothing about winning souls and the love of the people, for sincere votes. They are too entrenched in the evil art of election-rigging. The idiotic PDP spokesman on AIT on September 9 was talking a bunch of shit. The motherfucker was stupidly blabbing in support of peace without justice. But that’s not why I call him names. He pissed me off because he was blaming Governor Wike, and implying that he is a troublemaker. If that’s the stuff that troublemaking is made of, then I wanno be a troublemaker, meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Again, I place my blame on Atiku Abubakar, who allows such undemocratic fools to represent him and his campaign. My regular readers may think that former Nigeria Police PRO, Frank Mba, is my friend, because he is often my example on this topic. But I don’t even know the dude well. I did meet him twice upon my visits to Nigeria. Yes, we had cause to talk a little, but that’s it. I just love his democratic style. If Atiku sent Frank, instead of the idiot that I saw on AIT, Frank would choose the right democratic words that would not infuriate Nigerians who believe in the justice that Governor Wike is fighting for.

I’ll end by telling you one good news about the PDP bullshit. There is now a phenomenon called Peter Obi, and his “OBIdient” Revolutionary Movement. PDP’s political loss due to the squabble over their injustice will be Peter Obi’s gain, and that makes me happy. I would have felt bad if Obi phenomenon did not emerge, because the old and ailing crook called Tinubu would have benefited from the PDP feud. This is where I leave you now, with my trust, that you do trust, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!



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