April 20, 2022




“No Bullshitting!!! (By Harry Agina)


I am Harry Agina, and this is No Bullshitting, the radical Socio-Political Critic of Africa. I have 1001 reasons why Nigerians must reject any APC presidential candidate in 2023. Greetings, folks!

The year 2023 is fast approaching, and, so is Nigeria’s all important presidential election. Nigeria will either be saved from her present precipice after the election, or she will completely tumble down into the gully of death, meeeeeeen!!!

I have a thousand-and-one reasons why Nigerians must reject anybody that APC presents as presidential candidate in 2023. However, it would take forever to go through them all, so I’ll only give you a few. Here is my theme: Whosoever that has anything political to do with the disaster called Muhammadu Buhari should be tagged “Killer of Nigeria.” And, of course, only mad people would elect a killer of our nation as president. I know that my people of Nigeria are not mad; so, I trust that no APC candidate is mounting the seat of the president of Nigeria in 2023, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Several aspirants of Buhari’s incumbent ruling party, the APC, are scrambling for the APC ticket to become presidential candidate. My interest today is the characters of the frontrunners. And, here is my thematic question: Is any of the ‘scramblers’ worthy to become our next president? My answer is, hell fucking no, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I can’t wait to hear the campaign promises of whosoever that emerges as the APC candidate. There is no question that Buhari’s woeful failure is a humongous albatross for any APC presidential candidate. So, I can’t wait to hear how the candidate plans to convince Nigerians that he or she can do better than Buhari, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Yeah, I know, the failure of one man in a political party doesn’t necessarily mean that his colleagues are bad too. But the problem here is that Buhari’s APC colleagues have all failed in distancing themselves from his failure. So, they are all part of the problem. While some openly endorse him, others play the dirty game of keeping quiet as he destroys the country. Either way that we slice it, they are all evil hypocrites who are destroying Nigeria. None of them can sincerely say that Buhari has done well for Nigeria. The chronic lair called Lai Mohammed may lie his ass off in his evil propaganda game all he wants. But, not even he can swear that he believes any of the trash that he vomits about Buhari’s rulership. Except, of course, if he’s truly too mad or too stupid to differentiate good from bad, as I have often suggested, meeeeeeen!!!

Presently, APC aspirants are still playing the hypocritical game that all APC stalwarts have played in the past seven and odd years. They can’t start to condemn Buhari’s evil government now. If any of them dares, he might as well count himself out of the race for the APC presidential candidature ticket.

But, the time for truth will soon be here. Much sooner than later, one APC presidential candidate will emerge. And, he will have to disassociate himself from the humongous failure called Buhari if he hopes to win. If he doesn’t condemn Buhari, then he is more than stupid. Even Buhari’s own mama would renounce and denounce him if she was still alive. We now hear his kindred, the “Northern Elders Forum,” and other organizations in northern Nigeria renouncing him. And some are ethno-religious organizations that has been ready to kill in defense of Buhari, meeeeeeen!!!

So, we shall see the manifestation of the evil hypocrisy that I talk about when the emerging APC candidate becomes a “Judas” to condemn Buhari. The hypocrite, whoever it turns out to be, will try to make himself holier-than-Buhari. He will come up with some bullshitting campaign about how he is different and better than Buhari. He will ask for a chance to correct Buhari’s horrible rule. I’m here to tell you how huge a lie his campaign will be, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

I am confident that Nigerians will not buy such lies. Thanks to the new Electoral Law, election -rigging will be minimal. And, I trust that Nigerians will not vote for the APC hypocrite.

I have three sub-topics in this treatise. They state some of the thousand-and-one reasons why Nigerians must reject whosoever that emerges as APC’s candidate. I repeat my position that all APC stalwarts have been part of the destruction of Nigeria, either by omission, or by commission. And, except if Nigerians are truly as stupid as our political crooks think that we are, we must ask any APC candidate some pertinent questions. I have a gazillion of such questions myself. For one thing, I query the APC candidate’s role in the destruction of Nigeria. If the candidate or any other APC stalwart claims not to endorse the destruction of Nigeria by Buhari, then what the fuck did he do to try to stop it? There are only two responses that would be acceptable to me. (1) If the candidate spoke out against Buhari, then he’s cool with me. (2) If he resigned from APC and its government in protest, that’s cool, too.

I do know that, none of the present APC aspirants qualifies. There is just one APC man who qualifies, but he’s not an aspirant. He is Professor Itse Sagay. Professor Sagay virtually told Buhari’s Attorney General, Malami, to go to hell in 2021 when Malami challenged the legality of southwest regional “Amotekun” security outfit. Malami represented Buhari’s position, but Professor Sagay didn’t give a fuck about that when he lambasted Malami. He didn’t care that Buhari could relieve him of his appointment in his cabinet. I have my blog on that courageous act for ya. Integrity was my theme. Here’s the link:


I have a question to the Nigerian voters as we await APC’s emerging candidate, thus: Do you want a continuation of the current hell of Buhari and APC after the 2023 general elections? I have to say that whosoever that answers ‘Yes’ must be a very mad or very evil person. I can easily forgive a mad person, for he/she knows not what he/she is doing. The evil ones are our problem, and they’re the bane of Nigeria. I am confident that overwhelming majority of sane Nigerians subscribes to my position. As for the minority who may disagree, I don’t really give a fuck what they think. For all I care, they can go to hell. They are the few who are benefitting from the sufferance of Nigerians now, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, here’s my primary question for whosoever that emerges as APC’s presidential candidate for 2023: What can you offer Nigeria as president that would be different from what you have offered as Buhari’s man for eight years? A major aspirant who this question befits so well is the man who is called “The Jagaban,” Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is the current National Leader of APC. Others include the man who they call Tinubu’s political “boy,” the current Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. And then, we have Buhari’s current Minister of Transport, Rotimi Chibuike Amechi, as well as the current governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Adoza Bello. Not to forget Senators Orji Uzor Kalu and Rochas Oforocha. There are more aspirants, but let’s suffice with those six for now. They represent the kind of fucked-up characters that APC is offering Nigerians as president again.

They all have two things in common—the dearth of integrity, and their innate hypocrisy. Let’s start with “The Jagaban” who is the National Leader of APC. On integrity, the dude has a huge baggage hanging on his neck. We can go from his several crime indictments, to his “Bullion-Van” electoral malpractice scandal. And, as I already said, he is the guiltiest of my hypocrisy charge. I will put it in form of questions, thus: (1) What has Tinubu done as APC’s National Leader to save Nigeria from Buhari? (2) How many times has Tinubu cautioned, sincerely critiqued, or admonished Buhari for all his evil misrule? (3) How many times has Tinubu spoken to console Nigerians about the ongoing hell in Nigeria under Buhari? The questions are rhetorical, of course, because we all know the answers. Tinubu wouldn’t even dare to console Nigerians, because that would mean that he admits that Buhari’s hell does actually exist. And, Buhari wouldn’t like that; not to speak of Tinubu pointedly admonishing him for creating the hell, meeeeeeen!!!

The dude has been a mere figurehead as APC’s National Leader. He has never shown any positive influence over Buhari’s government. And now, he claims that he can solve all the problems that Buhari created. Why the fuck hasn’t he been advising Buhari aright, meeen!!! He recently declared that his life ambition has been to become president. Sadly, in pursuit of that ambition, he lost all sense of integrity and responsibility as the National Leader of APC. He has been so interested in succeeding Buhari, that he would not sincerely critique his misrule. He knows that Buhari would disinherit him of the presidential ticket if he dared. So, he has been a bootlicker, because his ambition to succeed Buhari is far more important to him than integrity. Unfortunately for him, Buhari is very unlikely to favor him for the APC presidential ticket even after all the bootlicking. I have a comic video clip by a smart Nigerian, on the “betrayal” of Tinubu by Buhari. Nigerians have always suspected the “betrayal.” Here we go:

So, is Tinubu the kind of man who Nigeria needs as her next president? Hell fucking no! Especially not when he is planning to play the dangerous religious game that had been destroying Nigeria. He has already started a dirty campaign based on religious sentiments. Also, I know for a fact that the motherfucker is highly tribalistic. His racist acts and utterances against the Igbo ethnic group in his Lagos State abound. One ethno-religious extremist in the person of Buhari is enough for Nigeria for one life time. We need a president who will repair the damage done to the unity of Nigeria by Buhari. We don’t need one to continue his disunity legacy. The “Jagaban” has shown in his campaign messages so far that he may not be any better than Buhari in ethno-religious nepotism-cum-bigotry. He may deepen Buhari’s destruction of unity with religious and ethnic sentiments, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, how about Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as our next president? He also has integrity issues. He was in a couple of fraud and stealing scandals. For one, in 2017, the House of Reps submitted that “Osinbajo has questions to answer in a 5.8 billion US Dollars NEMA fraud.” But, I will tell you what makes Osinbajo even more unqualified as Nigeria’s next president, in my book. He has been a hypocrite and a sycophant under Buhari…that’s what! He may even remain the “boy” of Buhari’s present ruling cabal if he becomes president, and I’ll tell you why. The said indictment for fraud and stealing by the National Assembly was swept under the carpet in 2017. I see blackmail written all over such cover-up. “We forgive your trespasses, and you remain in our debt forever,” the writing says to me. If I’m right, then our hope to ever recover any of the horrendous loots by Buhari’s ruling cabal is completely lost, meeeeeeen!!!

Furthermore, Nigerians must not forget Osinbajo’s hypocrisy in favor of foreign Fulani jihadists who have been committing atrocities across the country in the guise of herdsmen. He told the world that Nigerians were exaggerating the jihadist attacks. Nigerians were being massacred every fucking day; we were lamenting; and Osinbajo was busy playing an evil propaganda game to please his Fulani boss, Buhari. The son of the sinful Adam and Eve who brought sin into the world was telling the world that the lamenting Nigerians were  “politicizing” the massacres, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Again, that’s not the kind of president that we need in 2023. Until tomorrow, Osinbano and his APC gang still insist that the massacres around the country are not real. They insist that everything else is uhuru in Nigeria. They have a motherfucker called “Liar” Mohammed insulting us every fucking day with that evil denial. So, is Osinbajo a man to be trusted to tackle the current raging terrorism and terrible economy? How could he? It is said that the first step to solving a problem is to admit that the problem does exist. Osinbajo and his gang under Buhari refuse to admit that any problem exists now; no wonder, they have not done anything about it. So, how the fuck do we convince Osinbajo in 2023 to turn around and accept that the problems actually exist, let alone solving them, huh, huh, huh???

I will lump Minister Amechi, Senator Uzor Kalu, and Senator Rochas Okoroch together. They are all crooks. They have multiple indictments for stealing huge sums of our money. And, two of them, Orji Uzor Kalu and Rochas have already been convicted in various ways. Kalu was already in prison serving his sentence before the APC government released him on some flimsy technicality excuses. As for Okorocha, his stolen property were ordered forfeited by a court. Yet, the APC criminality still keeps him out of prison. A man gets convicted to forfeit several stolen property. And yet, without any known sensible plea-bargaining, he is not sentenced to prison himself… possible only in Nigeria! That’s the kind of criminal government that APC is running for us now. Adams Oshiomole, once told us when he was APC National Chairman, that APC is a den of criminals. “If you decamp to APC from the opposition PDP, your sins are forgiven,” he declared, without mincing words. Are those the kind of persons and political party that Nigerians want to continue in power after 2023 elections? Hell fucking no, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I don’t really have much to say about Governor Yahaya Bello right now, besides his hypocrisy. Just like all APC stalwarts, he does not admit that Buhari’s government is terrible. If he was smart, he would have started a while back to distance himself from Buhari’s government. After all, he’s not Buhari’s appointee, so he couldn’t fire him. Well, actually, that would mean that he must leave APC, because he would not be given its presidential ticket. But, if he displayed such integrity, people like me would believe that he can make a difference if given the chance to be president under any party.

          Also, there was actually a serious allegation that Bello was involved in a heinous burning-murder of a female opposition candidate during the 2019 general elections. He was not prosecute or convicted, so, maybe we shouldn’t count that against him. But, he is still no good for Nigeria as president either. Like other APC stalwarts who did not admonish Buhari, he is a “killing of Nigeria.”

The point, therefore, is that it would be a damn shame if any of the APC possibilities is voted to be president in 2023. We now have a reformed electoral law to ensure that it doesn’t happen. And, I may consider giving up my Nigerian identity if Nigerians allow that to happen. I may be too ashamed to continue identifying myself as a Nigeria if it happens, meeeeeeen!!!

So, yes, it is imperative that Nigerians vote APC out of power for two reasons. One is to rebuild the damage done to Nigeria by APC and Buhari. And the other is to recover some of Nigeria’s wealth that has been brazenly stolen by APC crooks who are currently in power. I do trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeen!!!

This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.



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